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Posted by Juusok11 | Nov 29, 2017 @ 03:24 PM | 1,615 Views
Hey! I am having a problem with my flight contoller! It's driving me nuts because everytime I get something working, something else that was working before fails. Ok so, attached are pictures of my wiring. I have wired the 5V connection that the board needs to be powered form my PDB. The funny thing is I checked all ports with a multimeter so all the 5V connection from the PDB look to be 5V before I connect anything. But after I connect them, they go to about 1V. FC DOES NOT TURN ON. But of why does it only turn on when powered by an USB connection. I AM RAGING! Can someone help please. -- Also after this problem (if anyone can solve it) I have a problemn where my fc is so hot I cannot touch it even after couple minutes of not even flying (maybe it might be connected to my main problem??) - NoobieQuestions