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Posted by Chad Sullivan | Mar 11, 2010 @ 12:45 AM | 6,459 Views
Span: 1500mm ( actual Panel lengths are approx. 753mm to allow the consumer to optimize span for dihedral)
Wing area: 336.18
Root Cord: 185.05mm
Separation of Flaperons at wing center: 39mm@ 750mm panel span *see above
Sections: SV36,SV37,SV38

Sections are proprietary AMPED sections. Designed by Steve Situm. Very slick sections, good run, good handling, low drag. Going against the grain as far as current thinking, we HAVE found a good balance between structure and performance. No thinned out, wiggly wings here. No washout!! but still great handling.
Wing is designed to be very rigid and very friendly to build with. Two wire routes, one forward, one aft of the spar. Great potential for RDS install, we did not give up thickness for performance, so the builder has many options available to them as far as servo location.

Available as a replacement wing only. No kit.
Posted by Chad Sullivan | Dec 30, 2009 @ 12:49 AM | 6,798 Views
Made in the U.S.A

Contact us at 505-467-8392
Posted by Chad Sullivan | Dec 14, 2008 @ 06:07 PM | 6,645 Views
The cutting rig.

Well the rig above has now been running for 1 year +. With about 300 hours of operation. Still very tight mechanically , I have not made any major changes. I have rebuilt the drive electronics. Now using products from Probotix. Very high quality, great investment. The Probotix configuration is very modular. Allowing the replacement of parts of the system when bad things happen. To date, nothing to report on that end. It's just that good.

The machine is capable of very accurate repeatability. Amped production wings are cut to a tolerance of +/- .02mm. And this machine has proven capable of maintaining that tolerance with minor changes to curf compensation for changing room/foam temps. I have managed to map these changes to the point that I can actually predict them keeping any wasted "test cuts" to a minimum. But for the record, I make as many as I have to to get inside the tolerance. And I have had some bad days.:P

At this point using 120 oz.inch steppers at .20 pitch I can cut lower tapper cores at around 5-6 mm/sec. in 25lb blue. The cut speed for Higher tapper panels actually depend on the overall travel speed of 13mm/sec, and the ability of the towers to return to a parallel position or "zero". So 2-4mm per/sec cut speeds are typical.

GMFC Pro is solid. I keep up with the updates. Beyond the lack of being able to make individual axis adjustments for backlash, it is top rate.
The use of Ballscrews over say ACME type screws means very little, very consistent backlash.

Overall the design has proven to be a very good investment.