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Posted by Graphene | Dec 07, 2017 @ 10:23 AM | 1,542 Views
Hi All


Aero-Persistence Research has just launched a 4D-aerobatic flyer in the form of a "3D printable" kit in time for Christmas
It was based on their patent pending design:

The 3D printable parts are available on the website as downloadable zip file.

Key features:
- Ability to hover nose-down with precise roll control thanks to the presence of wingtip rotors with variable pitch
- Uses cyclic controls for the pitch and yaw and hence it has zero flight control surfaces, i.e. no ailerons or elevators

Here is a video showing the basic hover test:
"3D printable" 4D aerobatic flyer – basic flight test (1 min 58 sec)

Just did a forward flight test today with collective pitch of 11 deg. It was sweet and smooth ~

It uses the Futaba GY750 as it requires 3 independent gains.
Will certainly share flight videos as they become available. All eyes were needed today during maiden forward flight to ensure safety.