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Posted by nater | May 23, 2016 @ 09:35 PM | 3,307 Views
I am now getting to the steps which allow the helicopter to fly.

Once the main gear was mounted in the frame,I noticed a slight up and down wobble in the main gear. This seems to be a known issue with several makes of helicopters. I wasn't able to get it out, so for now I am not going to worry about it as long as I can get the motor pinion to mesh with the main gear properly. I'll gladly entertain any suggestions to work this out.
Posted by nater | May 18, 2016 @ 10:30 PM | 2,752 Views
The next steps in the manual are for the frame assembly. This part is pretty straightforward. First the left side of the frame is screwed into place, then the right. Everything tightened up nicely and the frame remained nice and square. Again, the machining on each part has been perfect so far. Everything has fit together snugly with perfect alignment. I have not needed to file anything at this point for a good fit.

I do want to point out one difference from the manual. Because I am using the belt drive option, the belt alignment rollers were attached to the tail boom mount before it was screwed into the frame.
Posted by nater | May 15, 2016 @ 12:13 PM | 3,128 Views
The rest of the parts for this build arrived last week while I was out of town. This build may take longer than some, I have a 6 month old son which limits time for hobbies. He is a big part of the reason I started getting into RC. I figured it is something I can work on indoors and will be a great hobby to share as he gets older if he wants.

On to the first step. Pages 1 and 2 in the manual cover the assembly of the main shaft mounts. In addition to the manual, I found these videos helpful:

Gaui X3 Build: frames and Skids (12 min 10 sec)

I really appreciate how Gaui packaged and labeled each piece. It makes it easy to keep everything organized. I do wish they would have used small ziplock bags for each size of nut and screw, so I repackaged them with my own.

Details are in the comments for each attached image.
Posted by nater | May 08, 2016 @ 03:11 PM | 2,954 Views
I started getting into RW with the Blade Nano CPS and Blade 120s micros. I have been enjoying hovering them around in the house, but wanted something bigger to fly outdoors with my airplanes. I really enjoy building and researching different kits pointed me towards the X3 for its durability and inexpensive repair parts. I have built a couple foamie airplanes from kits and have built rockets from mini Estes kits to high powered fiberglass kits. This will be my first helicopter.

I have received most of the parts for the build. I am still waiting on one more shipment from Hobbyking before beginning. I will be able to run 4s or 6s battery. I am hoping to get long sport style flights with a lower headspeed. I am not drawn to the almost out-of-control 3D flying like some of the RW guys, so I don't need the maximum power out of this kit.

Here is my build:
  • X3 Basic Kit with Belt Drive Tail
  • Scorpion 1580 motor with 11T Pinion
  • Hobbywing Platinum 50a V3 ESC
  • Turnigy 306G-HV Servos for Cyclic and Tail
  • iKON FBL with dual Lemon Satellite Receivers
  • Zeal 360mm Main Rotor Blades

Step 1 - Main Shaft Mounts Assembly

Step 2 - Frame Assembly