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Posted by luger007 | Aug 16, 2011 @ 09:30 PM | 7,643 Views
Saturday July 23rd

I was enticed into going to the 3rd Annual Booty Bash at the Ocean Mist by this promotional video, external speakers suggested. ( only the first 2:47, bail after that or you will be sorry!)
Smith Optics & O'Neill Present Booty Bash 3 Ft. DJ Face by Warm Winds & Island Sports 7/8 & 7/23 (3 min 57 sec)

Being "The Mist" is one of my favorite hang outs and only a few miles from home, how could I refuse?

Long story short(er) the show was pretty sweet, but I bailed before "last call" and the mayham of the drunken crowd leaving the very congested, narrow road. Since I had taken my Ducati Monster to the bash, I was not drinking. (good thing) So I fired up the bike around 12:30 while I suited up in leathers and my helmet under the scrutiny of the SK PD, likely to see if I HAD been drinking. I took the back way home for a bit of 'spirited' riding on a freshly paved, twisty road that I had ridden thousands of times before. Setting up for a sweeping right hander just about on the double yellow line, I stabbed the gearbox into 4th gear and dropped into the turn. About the apex of the turn a DEER trotted right out in front of me and it was all I could to so chop the throttle and prepare to go "superman"! In what seemed like hours, the bike settled down from a high speed wobble about 20 yards from the impact and I had time to review what the heck had just happened!

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Posted by luger007 | Mar 25, 2010 @ 12:07 PM | 10,524 Views
I have had several request about what exactly is included with a Gull kit, so here is a quick shot of a newly fabricated RC Gull kit from the original tooling, designed and built by Stephen Hinderks.

Currently the lay-ups are custom tailored to suit the builder, ranging from all fiberglass, to fiberglass with kevlar in the beak, and some with additional carbon tow reinforcements throughout the fuse. I am also planing to release an all Kevlar or Carbon Gull as well as utilizing some of the new Innegra material to make the fuse nearly bulletproof. Like snowflakes no two are exactly alike, each unique to suit their situation, yet they are all lovely to see flying.

Thank You for your interest,
Posted by luger007 | Oct 08, 2009 @ 04:53 PM | 10,756 Views
I just thought I would post the original SR-7 canopy tray templates for those who may have bought a new composite canopy from me, as well as for anyone who might need the info.

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Posted by luger007 | Jul 18, 2008 @ 08:05 PM | 18,530 Views
While I'm at it, I figured I'd post a list of the planes in my collection. It's mostly for me to keep track of them as this is an easy place to check up on my inventory

Plane kits & built planes

1 E-flight MCX in like new condition with an extra battery in box
1 Enigma DLG with XP4.5 tail D4.7's in wing, TP50 in fuse, JR610UL RX, 4cell Nimh well used
1 Predator Bee combat wing NIB kit
1 DAW P-51, HS-85's, 1400mah Nimh, Jr.610UL RX (thanks for the beautiful build Jan!)
1 Dynaflight Talon Sailplane NIB kit (SOLD)
1 Culpepper Chuperosa, crashed and rebuilt, HS-55 servos, 610ul rx
3 Nano Falcon Depron slope sailplane kits
1 NCFM Moth sailplane. HS.5125's in wing, M5 RX 1100mAh NiMh pack(sold)
1 K&A Dago Red Slope glider NIB wood kit
1 Joe Manor 42" Glass fuse SOS NIB short kit
1 John Reed/ Samotage Autographed composite Jart 60 kit NIB (beautiful work)
1 Todays Hobbies F-16 semi-scale catapult launch freeflight glider NIB kit
1 Airtronics New Era III NIB kit
1 50% scale Airtronics Q-Tee short kit (wicked cool laser cut kit, thanks Eliworm!)
1 Skeeter 30 3D balsa NIB kit
2 Fox RC Snotliner NIB kits
1 Ace Simple Series ME-109 NIB kit
1 Ace Littlest Stick kit
1 GWS A-10 Warthog EDF55 motors NIB kit
2 GWS Slow Sticks 350 motor,1 disassembled for shipping, 1 flying with GWS servos and RX, custom tail
2 Radical RC E-Hornet NIB kits
2 Radical RC Micro Bipe NIB kits
1 Radical RC Mini Bipe
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Posted by luger007 | Jul 10, 2008 @ 08:47 PM | 18,833 Views
Here is a list of the paper plans I have (so far) but it's going to updated on a regular basis as plans continue to roll in. I like to trade plans, so if there is anything on this list that interests you send me a PM or E-mail with what would like and what you are offering in trade.


Plane Name, Designer, Plane Type, Span, Area, Foil Type, Weight, Channels, Power

X-29 60% Steve Shumate Park Jet 17.75 Plate 7 3(Ele/Ail/Th) Little Screamer

BD-5 Dave Blum Scale 29 Flat 7 3(Ele/Ail/Th) GWS IPS 'S1'

Cesna 182 Dave Blum Scale 37.5 Flat 8 "Full House" GWS GX-A

F-14A Tomkitty Celeritity Aero-tech. Slope 46 210 E 205 21 2 (Ele/Ail) Hand Launch

Chuperpsa Rusty Shaw Sailplane 59 413 SD7037 16 "Full House" Hand Launch

F-16 Falcon Todays Hobbies Inc. Glider 15 Flat 5 3(Ele/Ail/Th) Hand Launch

Skeeter 30 Quin Coldiron 3D Profile 30 Symetrical 12 "Full House" AXI 2212-34

Zagnutz Slope 52 516 Semi 20 2(Elevons) Hand Launch

R/C Seagull Steve Hinderks Slope 40.7 237.4 E-168 16.3 2(Elevons) Hand Launch

Minnie RCM&E Glider 48 Clark Y 16 2 (Rud/Ele) Mini- bungie

Tipsy Junior AA Lidberg Standoff 16 Cambered 2 2(Rud/Ele) Rubber or IPS

Bug's Ear Bill Evens Sport 24 144 Semi 7 2 (Elevons) TD .020

Tiger Moth M.A.N 1975 Scale 13.5 Flat 1 2(Rud/Ele) Rubber or IPS

Advantage Bipe Levi Jordan 3D foamy 393 Plate 10 "Full House" Outrunner

Somethin Extra Sig Mfg. Co Aerobatic 51.5 614...Continue Reading
Posted by luger007 | Jan 29, 2008 @ 09:46 PM | 13,417 Views
At 2:51am on January 24th, 2008 my second Son was born. He weighed in at 8lb. 1.2oz and 20.5" long. A tense few moments from the head crowning, his heart rate plummeting, to his head coming out with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and face (which turned it bluish purple); to the ninja like skills of the Dr. who clamped the cord and had it cut in a scant few seconds, to the baby being born and having his color return to what it should be for a newborn.

So, with two children now, I'm finding my self with little time to work on my planes. The good news is, I think I have enough kits to last me and both boys quite a while of building and flying for quite some time. (see shop pics below)

Posted by luger007 | Jan 13, 2008 @ 10:31 AM | 13,418 Views
cleaning house