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Posted by Sky Vaulter | Jan 28, 2018 @ 03:12 AM | 1,268 Views
Hey folks, Iím just a guy that got into flying toy quads a couple of years ago. Started with Cheerson cx10, H8 mini, Bayang X9, yada yada yada. Oh yeah...Nihui U807! Still have three of those as well as 3 Lishi Toys 6052s that I put U807 flight control boards in. Yep, they still fly great even with Hubsan motors.

This past year, I went into the brushless arena and wondered if anyone else was feeling the same mix of exitement and disappointment. The whole mish mash of beta flight, clean flight, frsky, free sky, futaba, rtf, bnf, etc. Jeez, Iím just a pilot, not a computer geek. Im thinking Iím not alone in this half victorious and half lost feeling and thought Iíd post it to get it off my chest. So, with no clue of how to organize this for a movie, Iíll just go in order of my decisions that took me into 2017. In short, fpv made me want more!

Here is where some may disagree with me, but, I have my reasons. I wanted to try the mini whoop thing. Got the JJRC, and the Eachine, but found the Furibee F 36 to be the best platform for a cheap all in one camera. It just flies the best (even better than the Eachine with 7mm motors). Some may argue the protocol is unknown. So what. I use the stock controller. If you need more range, you probably need a bigger quad! See where this is going?

Got the Eachine EV800 goggles and OMG! I was flying all over the house chasing my dogs from the study. It did ok outside range wise...but not in wind. So, I needed more power. This got me to to look at the brushless world. And now, I spend $120 when it used to be $20. Thatís addiction.

Enough for now. Iíll throw out the different models I own...good and bad and look for feedback. Maybe someone can point out something I did wrong so I can fix the ďbadĒ ones. I say this because several of the models I purchased simply do not work. Maybe my experience can stop you from buying a poor choice. Just sayin.