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Posted by frankyve85 | Oct 11, 2015 @ 01:42 AM | 5,327 Views
This is going to be my build log of the spider 700 frame from hobbyking. I'm fairly new to the hobby, but yet already addicted.

The specs wich i think should work.

Quanum spider 700 frame
DYS D4215-650KV
12 inch 4,7 or 14 inch 4,7 props
DJI Naza m V2
Afro esc 30A SimonK
3 or 4s battery (have them both)

DYS 3 axis smart gimbal
sj4000 action cam

My transmitter is a turnigy 9xr PRO with a Frsky djt module.

Well Let's start then.

While unboxing i directly encountered a problem. The motor mount holes where not at the right spot.
The frame has it holes lined at 25mm*25mm, my motors are lined at 16*19mm. So my first thing to do was make this work.
I bought some extended motor mounts wich i tried to center as good as possible in the frame's motor mounts. Then i drilled the outer holes and placed the extension mount. Now i knew where to drill my needed 16*19mm holes. So marked and drilled these to. See the pictures for more information.

So far my first post in this blog. If you came so far reading this, thank you
You probably noticed my bad english, i apologise! English isn't my first language.

Feel free to comment and/or give tips!