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Posted by KristofferR | Jan 17, 2018 @ 11:32 PM | 1,215 Views
Video of the Crazy Sukhoi. It is designed for indoors but it coped fine with a very light breeze and I enjoyed it so much I kept flying and charging packs until the wind picked up too much.

Crazy Sukhoi Autopartner /Meier Models (5 min 16 sec)

Posted by KristofferR | Jan 17, 2018 @ 07:18 AM | 1,623 Views
It flies again! My Claes Meier Autopartner Crazy Sukhoi resurrected! The missing Depron pieces were replaced with some new ones. I used permanent pen and redid the green/chequered/streak pattern by hand. Some BlenderM tape and UHU Por was needed to fix various cracks etc and all servo horns were re-centered.

CG was guessed, Dual rates set to 30% and first launch, ouch, super rear heavy. Combined with being a bit out of trim it was almost unflyable. Slow though so easy to land. Some adjustment of battery and some trim and it transformed completely, becoming very stable and nice.

It is very fragile though. I broke it several times on the board and pulled the fuse apart when clumsily removing the battery. Normal for Depron I think.

Anyway, I went through pack after pack until the wind started picking up too much. Very fun and being my first plane of this type I’m positively surprised and impressed!

First blog post on this
Posted by KristofferR | Jan 13, 2018 @ 04:11 PM | 1,642 Views
My old Multiplex Commander 2020 is ready to serve as a buddybox for my Easy Star.

Ebay-seller rcflieger96 was trusted with the Lehrer-Schuler-Kabel, he soldered a cable up and shipped it. Nice workmanship and it worked perfectly well.

The setting up was a first for me and I think it took about an hour to get it right. The MC2020 programming is old-school and very logical, but I still took a while to get everything right and the manual must be followed exactly. I had the manuals for both the MC2020 and my Cockpit SX 2.4 laid out and took it step by step. Eventually, all was setup nicely; even the spoiler slider worked on the pupil TX.

For anyone attempting: Remove any mixes on the mc2020 pupil transmitter. Make sure all ”pupil” channels are unchecked. Ensure PPM mode. Center everything.

Before trying the function, remove the prop or secure the plane. I was prepared, and sure thing the motor spun up the first attempt.

Now I need some pupils.
Posted by KristofferR | Jan 12, 2018 @ 07:00 AM | 2,166 Views
Today I skipped lunch at work and tried the Easy Star. It fits assembled in the trunk. Temps at -1C meant pain, I had not brought my transmitter glove.

Still, it flew very nicely and there was also some thermal activity; not that I had time to use it!

After three decades of LOS fixed, a short foray in drones, I don’t think this is my thing, but it is surely fascinating to sit “in” the plane and much easier to fly....
Posted by KristofferR | Jan 09, 2018 @ 05:12 PM | 1,013 Views
My Easystar FPV has a problem. I could not get a good picture in the Eachine EV800D goggles. I realized my middle age farsighted eyes could not focus close. Increasing the screen-to-fresnel-lens distance helped. But I still saw double and wanted to keep the neat disassembly feature.

I went and tried some reading glasses. About +1 or +1,5 felt OK for reading. For the goggles, I needed more. I bought one pair of 2,0 and one 2,5 and tried them. I could just manage with 2,5 but it was a strain.

In the end I hot-glued the lenses in series inside the goggle; +4,5 or 5,0? Great! Almost, one issue is when looking into the far corners of the screen, one eye looks in the gap between the lenses so it could be even better.

Now I can relax my eyes and still get a sharp look at the screen, easily identifying individual pixels. Looking forward to try it.

So, I have three flights under my belt with these googles, and while the lenses work fine, after a long flight when I pulled the goggles off to LOS land, I was seeing double for several minutes. So somehow the distance and the focal point does not match up properly. Not really happy with that, considering the LOS landing had to wait a while, depth perception is sort of important. So I need to find a better solution.
Posted by KristofferR | Jan 08, 2018 @ 05:04 PM | 1,166 Views
I got a hull from a friend. Electrics were dead so I threw in some leftovers. Tested in the bathroom sink. Water everywhere. Promising! Since the black hull and orange canopy looked incredibly toyish and plasticky I did my own Pollock with tape and paint. I broke most painting rules
Posted by KristofferR | Jan 07, 2018 @ 04:07 PM | 973 Views
So far
* Front brick cut off and remounted as skid
* Front suspension & hubs modded for travel and steering
* Body posts moved to center body over wheelbase
* Locked front diff (cog trick)
* Redesigned wheels using file+ dremel
* Body detailing began with various plastic pieces from kit - air inlet, radiator bar.
* Battery forward mount strap
* Front bumper cut and screwed to rear end
* Ball bearings everywhere

Today I did some weathering of the chassis. Check pics! Paints and eyeshadow. I looked at Dakar videos on Youtube and imagined what the underside would look like .

And I drove the car in freezing winter sun. It bounced and skidded and rolled upside down. Fun!
Posted by KristofferR | Jan 04, 2018 @ 06:35 PM | 1,443 Views
My CC-01 Rally Pajero is getting closer to finish. I eventually gave up the magnet body posts and used conventional ones, when driving on certain surfaces the body would bounce. The body is moved a bit to make the wheels fit better in the wheelhouses. The extra steering angle I managed to carve out was not appreciated by the driveshafts; they sometimes sound awful at full lock. Except for that it runs fine. An interior and roll bar is planned go give it a bit of a scaler look; the Lexan body is not ideal for detailing but I plan on some things like sliding windows, roof vent and tow hooks in addition to the mudflaps.
Posted by KristofferR | Dec 20, 2017 @ 01:05 PM | 2,297 Views
I cobbled together a DIY spray booth using a cardboard box, some kitchen fan filter inserts, tape, plastic kitchen film and a vacuum cleaner. I had the idea and refined it after watching Youtube; in particular
how to build a cheap spray booth airbrush painting secrets (10 min 23 sec)

No paint anywhere; although the solvent fumes came back through the open door after ten minutes so I had to open up everywhere.

Result was a positive surprise, I have not been successful with spray paint in the past, but the Tamiya plastic primer spray was very good to work with. I heated the can in a water bath before starting. I really did enjoy the painting and I can see myself getting more into this.

Made one beginners mistake laying too much on the ”sills” and got some runs on the first car. The paint sort of bounced off the cardboard and ended up 1/2” too high and covered ”double”. Some sanding will be needed.

Next time I will put something under the body to raise it above the bottom of the booth and allow some spray to go underneath.
Posted by KristofferR | Dec 17, 2017 @ 10:07 AM | 1,312 Views
I tried the FPV system on my Easy Star 2. The build was covered in previous posts. The plane flies very well and ”pops” nicely thanks to the carbon pieces.

The setup is a Runcam Eagle 2, an Immersion VTX and the Eachine EV800. Everything worked flawlessly. Since this was my first time with a VTX on a fixed wing - no flight controllers, RTH etc, I did a solid range test before: With the Multiplex TX in range test (LO POW) mode and the VTX on I wandered in circles around the plane and tried different TX antenna angles and all was well.

The EV800 screen sat on a tripod on the ground. I had no spotter and as this was my first try I wanted to focus on flight and picture quality.

One mistake though, as I was going through my mounting options at the bench I ended up putting the camera housing upside down and did not realize until I was on the field.... and did not bring the little programming cable.

Anyway, I hand launched, spent a storage charged 950 pack and landed on the snow.
I found an plane-to-antenna angle that appeared a bit weak and rotated the screen/antenna assembly to eliminate outside influence and the weak spot followed. As the sun was setting I also aimed out and into the sunset and the Runcam did excellent in the varying light.

Since I use a transmitter glove and fingerless gloves, finding the ”holes” in the TX glove after hand launching and getting control takes 1-2 seconds so my second start was done from the ground, piece of cake! The Easy...Continue Reading
Posted by KristofferR | Dec 07, 2017 @ 01:19 PM | 1,494 Views
I picked up a couple of Lunch Box kits at one of Hobbyking’s sales. The idea was to let my kids in on the fun of building one of these.

We sat down a few nights on the kitchen table cutting parts and assembling the gearboxes and most of the chassis. I had ball bearings so they a full set. I did the suspension and steering, they finished off with the wheels. It is a pleasant and simple build thanks to excellent instructions and parts quality.

The Boxes kits came with motor and an ESC. Pretty neat. Only thing necessary is a servo, TX/RX and a battery - and paint, but you could run it ”as is” in black plastic.

My radio choice is Traxxas TQi, because I have them. I had to order an extra RX. Servo is a JX metal gear. NiMH is leftovers from an old Kyosho RTR. XT60 connectors. I plan to use a 2s LiPO too.

Now there is just painting left to to and then assembling the body.
Posted by KristofferR | Nov 23, 2017 @ 01:13 PM | 2,184 Views
A while ago when I picked up a used TX from eBay it turned out that the guy was moving abroad. He was emptying his house and tried to sell me a lot of RC stuff, some very tempting.

But I decided long ago to only buy hobby-stuff I had a personal interest in and nothing just for potential profit - I am a good seller and here was definitely possibilities. But I quit glow engines long ago and vintage RC 1/8 track was never my thing. I ended up buying a box of tools and small parts and an indoor plane in hideous condition. I have never flown indoor!

Google revealed it’s a Crazy Sukhoi, designed by Claes Meijer and sold by Autopartner. At home, I was almost considering to break it for parts but cleaned it up, spent a few hours with UHU Por and Blenderm and put it aside for a week. Well, its battered but it will fly again! Current weight is 123g without prop, batt and rx.

Perfect opportunity to try indoor and if I like it I can wear this one out.
Posted by KristofferR | Nov 22, 2017 @ 06:12 AM | 2,650 Views
With snow and hard winds, flying is out of the question. Dreams of warm summer days on the slopes seem like just dreams. I decided to prepare a little for those longer excursions where you need more charge, borrow a pack, fix something or whatnot and went on a solder spree....! The picture does not even show it all. I also made a TX charging cable, a custom setup so the kids can safely charge their monster truck NiMH without my help and various automotive adapters among other things.

(Note that the yellow connector adapters are ready-bought items. With those and my cables I should be ready for almost anything!)
Posted by KristofferR | Nov 16, 2017 @ 11:50 AM | 1,786 Views
I bought this on a whim, $20 locally. According to the seller it worked two years ago. First action was cleaning, more cleaning and even more cleaning, it had the sticky film from glow engine use! I took out the Sanyo Cadnica and tried to charge it. If the radio works I’m putting something else inside. If I like it maybe a 2,4 module will serve.
Posted by KristofferR | Nov 15, 2017 @ 02:35 PM | 1,533 Views
A while back, I made a refresh-thread on my Fox glider. I got it used and it could be a Gerasis, Robbe or Top Rippin.

After throwing it into some reeds it appeared to fly straight and some days later the wind was right and off the slope edge it went. It was absolutely sedate and went straight out.

I had put about 75g of ballast in, bringing the total weight to about 1750g, pretty light for a 2.2 slope glider.

It flew best with a bit of speed. Rudder was great, roll rate was too low and elevator too much, it was very touchy, I had guesstimated the throws. Yanking elevator in bank turns made the Fox slide, squirm and twist and snake itself, quick correction needed. Going at it harder would probably result in a full tip stall. I had a High Rate setting but did not dare to try it in case the elevator would be unmanageable.

Loops were straight and when pointed into the wind at altitude it would sit nicely in the lift, giving nice tells.

Stall turns were truly gorgeous, it rotated perfectly and fell straight back into flight with no tail wiggle at all and pulling up it went straight, indicating a good CG. The scale look added to the grace. Mmmm!

With no motor, the first landing was a one-shot deal and it behaved very nice, sinking nicely and finally dropping a wing at about 2ft and gently falling into the heather brush.


Next up is to try different throws, and fix some minor things left undone in the build.
Posted by KristofferR | Nov 14, 2017 @ 02:43 PM | 1,710 Views
I put the Pajero on the build board again. And out came the hacksaw and drill. I split the stock front bumper in two. One part at the front and one on the rear.

The front part was necessary, because there was a huge hole in the front after I cut the chassis.

The rear was just for fun. Good handle and fills some of the emptiness in the rear wheelhouse.
Posted by KristofferR | Nov 13, 2017 @ 12:59 PM | 1,826 Views
Multiplex Easy Star 2 flight with Mobius (2 min 20 sec)

My second Multiplex Easy Star 2. First flight. I used a 950 pack and a Mobius. The plane was slightly front heavy. I got about 38 minutes of footage and 32 minutes in the air with a Mobius up front and mAh to spare still. Four quick landings to move the velcroed camera. With the 2000mAh I expect to stay up for an hour. The plane is lightened and stiffened with carbon fibre pieces and I also used clear tape to smooth out any edges. Left to do is to put covers over the control horns.

Transmitter: Multiplex Cockpit SX 2.4
Rudder and Elevator: Emax ES08A2
Ailerons: Multiplex Nano S ”long wire”
Reciever: Multiplex RX-5 light
Battery: Multiplex Li-Batt 950
Motor: Turnigy SK3 2826 -1240
ESC: Hobbywing FlyFun 30A
Camera: Mobius 1, Turnigy/SJ4000

Posted by KristofferR | Nov 12, 2017 @ 01:35 AM | 1,728 Views
I had the pleasure to watch Gustav performing on a flight show in Eksjö, Sweden. He came with a fresh World Champion title to his name.

There are so many flight shows I have been to and only a few displays stand out. This one did. The program had my hair stand up on my back the whole time.

The flow and smoothness of the flight was apparent and on top of a flawless execution, to the point of setting the wheel down on the last bar of the song choice - ABBA:s Fernando.

While not RC, it certainly gave me something to aim for with my RC Fox!

Gustav Salminen - World Champion Advanced Glider Aerobatics 2017 (5 min 30 sec)

Posted by KristofferR | Nov 11, 2017 @ 02:08 PM | 1,876 Views
The Easy Star is ready for flight.

With a 3s 950mAh weighing 100g pushed all the way up front the CG is in range.

I have no decals on yet and 575g feels very light, but maybe it is just a mental thing. I saved 10g here, 11 g there. 8g somewhere else so perhaps it added up to something. 50g saved on the battery as the rear end of the plane was much lighter.

Rudder and Elevator: Emax ES08A2
Ailerons: Multiplex Nano S ”long wire”
Reciever: Multiplex RX-5 light
Battery: Multiplex Li-Batt 950
Motor: Turnigy SK3 2826 -1240
ESC: Hobbywing FlyFun 30A

I replaced almost all plastic rods with various pieces of carbon fiber strips 3x1 mm. In particular the rear of the fuse and the elevator is extremely stiff. The fuse actually does not bend at all.

Wing is just very stiff.

If you do the same, you could buy 3mm tubes for the fuse but I took what I had around.

For the elevator, I cut a slot that was slanted and went in under the control horn. A straight 3mm cut would go right through the elevator. Then CA on the strip and push it in using pliers. This worked extremely well. Its really tight. I did not do the same on the ailerons as I did them first.

The stiffness and lightness should make this Easy Star fly well. It almost feels a bit like a balsa build to hold instead of the mushy foam feeling.