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Posted by Grzegorz POL | Mar 07, 2018 @ 10:14 AM | 1,076 Views
This is a late update, but we demoulded the fuselage on last sunday. It came out very easily, better than I expected .The moulds are not damaged, they can be used for next layup for sure. As a relase agent there were 3 layers of shoe wax. I used 1 layer of 80grams/ skew oriented to hadle the twisting moment and two layers of 150grams/ from the inside with the fibres running along whole fuse to manage the bend forces. There is also a carbon tow, but I don't remember what strength it has. After discussion with couple of guys from my club I decided to add some carbon tow in critical areas to strenghten the fuse (I thought placing it where the back wing screw will be located, this is because there is a place with the maximum bending moment) and after that i want to put it all together using dry seam technology. Well I wasn't sure if it will succeed but with exception of my zero experience with laying up moulds it turned out very nicely.
Posted by Grzegorz POL | Feb 23, 2018 @ 05:20 PM | 1,375 Views
Because I'm still waiting for purchased fiberglass I started cutting the ribs and dry placing them to see how do they fit. Whole right half even if is not glued together it deal with twisting force extremely easily. It's a good news because it meet my expectations. Twist resistance is very important in a thin dlg wing. I managed to build the right wing only and it looks amazing. I'm looking forward to see it finished.
Posted by Grzegorz POL | Feb 22, 2018 @ 03:26 PM | 1,365 Views
Hi folks!
In the last few weeks I was trying to make my idea become real. The idea was a small glass fuse, geodetic wing DLG glider. I was just curious about those gypsum moulds. Would it work? There was only one way to see it. After I decided to go this way things happened quickly. I made an MDF plug, separated the halves, and with a help from my dad we casted both moulds and it worked (almost). Gypsium have this awful shrink characeristic. It helps with pulling the plugs out of form but it also changes the overall shape of the fuselage (halves are more less the same because of similar shrinkage on identical shapes).
Will keep you up to date!
Posted by Grzegorz POL | May 09, 2015 @ 02:35 AM | 2,673 Views
For my all career, i haven`t started season like this.
It started it with crash of my new „Diamond” from Phoenix Models. It was sunny Saturday, when I went to meadow behind my house. Actually I had couple minutes logged with this airplane, so I felt strong enough for flying in smaller runway with a lot of obstacles. Everything was going great, even trees and little turbulence was not a problem for me. After about 30mins I realised it was time to land. I made a few turns and set airplane on long final, as it turned out, too long.....
Plane hit raildoad by its fuselage. Loses were not really big, only fuselage have a small scars, but that was only second flight!
Next incident was caused by me, and my dispersion. I was flying electric sailplane, and I tried to put a little bit trim on elevator. After that I realised that I was not controlled the plane! As It turned out I shut off my Tx. I thought „Really man?!”. All the time i used to trim elevator with my right hand (I have mode 2), but that time i did it my left hand by accident. Again, loses were not really bad, but it grounded me for 2 weeks.
Third the most harmful crash, was about 5 days ago. Weather was average, small close to ground turbulence caused by trees made landing and takeoffs more difficult but higher, wind was more more laminar and flying there was very nice. Suddenly I heard loud vibrations come from the plane. That noise was compounded by foil covered wing, which was working as resonance tube. After few seconds electric motor fell of from plane, and hung on its cables below fuselage. Plane was still controlable so I made tight circuit, set airplane into the wind and made nice landing. Everything went well, until I approached to plane and realised that cables were broken off, and motor was lying separated from the rest. That events made me completly grounded until 8th of May. Good for me, weather was not really good while I was repairing my fleet. Black month ended yesterday when weather was great, almost no wind and I didn`t crashed what is great news!
Posted by Grzegorz POL | May 06, 2015 @ 04:06 AM | 2,767 Views
At the beginning, please you forgive me my English, because I`m still learning a lot
Quick info about me. My name is Grzegorz, I come from Poland, from small village placed about 30km from Rzeszów, capital city of subcarpathia. I`m 18 and I`m interested about aviation. Last year I started my course for gliding pilot license, which I succesfully finished at the end of 2014. My dad gave me passion for model making when I was 6. I began with plastic kits of scale airplanes, next were paper scale jets, then small freeflight gliders. At 2009 my dad, bought me flirst RC system made by Hitec, called "Zebra 4FM", after that we built together first rc glider called "Jastrząb". It was easy to fly, all balsa, around 1.7m wingspan school glider. That set made me very happy and I learned to fly very quick. Now, about 6yrs after I have 10 airplanes in my hangar. Most of them are motorgliders made out of balsa, because I don`t like foamies but there are also some airplanes. I think I told you almost all of my story and with pleasure I want invite you to my blog, where I will try to introduce you to my adventures with model making and flying them.