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Posted by blitzen | Jan 15, 2018 @ 02:09 AM | 1,431 Views
Eachine BeeCore F3 Flight Controller with On Screen Display
& 2.4G FrSky compatible 8 Ch. SBUS Receiver
Kingkong Tiny 6 Frame Kit*
31mm 4 Blade Propellers
Crazepony 19000KV Brushed Core-less (0615) Motors
700 TVL CMOS FPV Camera
25mW 5.8G 48 Ch. VTX
3db Dipole Antenna
Micro JST 1.25 Battery Connector w/ silicone wires**

Easy receiver binding and initial flight controller setup. Pre-configured with some basic settings.
On Screen Display including RSSI and VBAT monitoring
Reliable gyro and accelerometer
Perfectly balanced CG
Weighs only 20.5g.
Protected camera and indestructible antenna!
Better chance of finding clear reception with a 48 Channel VTX.
Designed with 10A FETs for larger battery and motors (and a slightly bigger frame).
Minor configurator, firmware and flight control /receiver bugs.
High speed motors need PWM adjustment to get rid of noise.
VTX/Cam has a tendency to over heat if air isn't moving through the canopy.***
Quad sits low on the ground. Needs a Micro USB 2.0 Data Sync Cable with a right angle connector.

* The BeeCore board fits on this Inductrix style frame correctly. Mounting the board on an E010 style frame, the battery holder is in the way of the USB connector.
** Tattu 220 mAh 45C LiPo batteries w/ micro JST 1.25 connector. (Weighs only 5.5 grams.)
*** VTX power leads tacked to battery pads. Avoids power from USB when sitting on the desk.
Posted by blitzen | Jan 03, 2018 @ 11:35 AM | 1,216 Views
What you see here is my New Year resolution. How long will it last?

The subject is FPV Micro Multi Rotors. The quadcopter size is usually less than 130mm (measured diagonally from motor to motor). Inspired by a popular model, I enjoy building my own version of it from off the shelf parts. DIY isn't a cost saving strategy. Although there is knowledge and personal satisfaction to account for.

Old man Winter is blowing his icy breath. Spring is still months away. This tiny FPV racer is my latest. Because of the holidays, I had to put off the processes of configuration and tuning until now. More about the little "Stinger" later on.