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Posted by litespeed | Jun 14, 2015 @ 11:43 PM | 2,143 Views
So I bought 4 lipos from this jerk that had good ratings. I think he got forgetful or lazy and just threw them in a box. He shipped them and when I got them they were puffy. He claimed they were solid when I asked prior to buying them. They were also out of balance. When asked he went kinda psyco and telling me I was screwing him? WTH? I have pictures of the batteries, the packaging and he also forgot to send them insured which I paid for. After no replies and After not getting a refund or any where with him I gave him a bad rating on here. 6 months or so later he comes back and gives me a bad rating. Crazy home that works! I lost the money and got stuck with crappy product and then he gives me a bad rating....only in the land of the free can that happen.

RCFlyer55 you suck!