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Posted by ChrisCro82 | Jun 24, 2018 @ 11:17 PM | 2,333 Views
Braap 4s, just messing around. (2 min 30 sec)

I had a HyperLow Vert Freestyle frame that I just couldn't manage to take a liking to. It was a great frame but I honestly think it was prematurely released.
The arms on the Vert Freestyle were pretty thick but they they'd become loose during flight or during a very minor tumble.
So I decided to strip the parts off my HyperLow Vert Freestyle frame and purchase an X-Labs Braap.
The Braap is very good frame and it offers very good fpv camera protection. Although the frame is only really meant to house a 4-in-1 ESC/Flight Controller stack. Mainly because the arms are far to thin to successfully mount individual esc's on each arm. I really enjoy this frame and it offers everything that the HyperLow Freestyle did not. The Braap can run both 5" and 6" propellers with ease. Although the top plate on the Braap is very short so that requires you to mount the lipos crosswise on the top plate. I've been running the Braap on both 4s and 5s lipos without much of a problem. The Ummagawd 2306-2150kv motors truly shine when flying 5s but are also fairly decent on 4s. I've recently loaded BetaFlight 3.4.0 (RC1) onto the Braap and have almost fully tuned it. It should be fully tuned within a couple days.
Posted by ChrisCro82 | Jan 26, 2018 @ 04:44 AM | 1,965 Views
This obviously isn't the best video on YouTube and there is no cool edgy song playing while i'm flying. This is simply me taking out a brand new build of mine and seeing how well the maiden flight would go. I'll be honest with,this is probably the best freestyle quad i've ever built or flown. It has more than ample low end torque and seems to handle surprisingly well with these big heavy EFAW motors. I'll try to post more videos in the coming future.

HyperLow CG 4s (EFAW 2407-2200kv) (3 min 24 sec)