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Posted by nickpsar | Jul 02, 2016 @ 10:59 AM | 3,420 Views
Hello guys!
After three months sitting on the bench and waiting for spare parts my Tarot 680 pro is finally up to the skies.
The previous accident was completely my fault and has to do with not tightening properly the ''quick dismantle propeller seat'' so for my bad luck I lost two propellers during flight. But let bygones be bygones. So far I have 30 very smooth flights.Next video is a compilation from previous week flight, before during and after sunset. I am using TAROT 2D gimbal and Firefly 6s action cam. Because it's my first aerial video I want your thoughts and your suggestions.
Any help, advice will be greatly appreciated !

Tarot 680 Pro with ZYX-M FC,Tarot 2D Gimbal and Firefly 6s Action Cam (7 min 2 sec)

Posted by nickpsar | May 15, 2016 @ 07:35 AM | 4,812 Views
After about a year messing around with big Tarot birds (680 pro, 650 sport) I decided to go to something more whimsy and speedy. I found this bird as a great opportunity for a newbie like me. Furthermore I believe that assembling your own Eachine Racer 250 with the DIY kit is much more interesting and rewarding!
Here is my first video of the series.
Eachine Racer 250 DIY Kit Naze32 (Unboxing) (2 min 22 sec)

Novice FPVracers like me don't be afraid of this little demons. Just practice and practice again. I have spend so many hours in to FPVFreerider. At the end definitely you will love this category of quadcopters.
Posted by nickpsar | Feb 16, 2016 @ 03:30 PM | 3,110 Views
Good afternoon guys!
Yesterday was my first attempt to fly with my new ''bird''. It was very interesting flight because in one hand was the new frame and in the other hand the naza flight controller combined with G2 M8N GPS Compass Module. The final result was more than I had hoped for. Especially Gps flight mode was the most stable and reliable I have ever succeeded so far.

frame: Tarot 650 Sport
Flight Controller: Naza m Lite up to V2 with PMU V2 and mini i-osd
Motors: Tarot 4114/320KV
Esc: Turnigy Plush 30A
Propellers: Tarot 1555 Folding Propeller
FPV:Eachine 700tvl 600mW 1/3 Cmos
Reciever: FrSky X8R
Baterries: Wild Scorpion 4S 5500 mAh and Lion power 3s 900mAh

Total weight 2,4 Kgr
Hovering time 17 min
Tarot 650 Sport with Naza m Lite, G2 M8N Gps (3 min 14 sec)

Posted by nickpsar | Feb 10, 2016 @ 07:51 AM | 2,885 Views
''Low Voltage Error'' is the most common error we get when we fully drain our batteries. This video demonstrates the simplest way to revive batteries which is fully drained.
LiPo Battery Low Voltage Error iMAXB6 (1 min 55 sec)