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Posted by mattchase | Jan 18, 2014 @ 10:36 PM | 4,715 Views
Ever since getting the UAP2 as my primary "big rig", I've been messing around with all the parts I have for the UAP1 to see what I could come up with. Specifically I've been wanting to make a smaller, h-quad style copter for FPV with a long range system, that I could also use for filming with a GoPro, that was highly portable. And here's what I came up with...

Version 1:

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Posted by mattchase | Oct 05, 2013 @ 06:31 PM | 5,858 Views
So I built a new UAP2, almost all the parts on this are new, I only re-used the ESCs, flight controller, and motor mounts. Technically the flight controller is new, it's a different unit that I had on the shelf but it's the same type of controller (CC3D). And I initially had the UAP2 motor mounts installed but decided to switch back to the vibration dampening mounts.

Parts List:

AGL Hobbies UAP2 Y6 - 650mm (with vibration dampening motor mounts)
AGL Hobbies UG-2BL Gimbal (with iPower 4008-150 motors & damper plates)
SunnySky 2820-800kv
DYS 40A ESC (SimonK)
OpenPilot CC3D
APC 12x4.5 MR Props
Futaba SB2008SB rx
Alexmos Brushless Gimbal Controller
1.2ghz FPV Starter Kit from ReadyMadeRC (with IBCrazy CL antenna)
HDMI to VGA converter (from
2x 3300mah / 3850mah 4s Turnigy Nano-Tech Batteries

I was very happy with my previous Y6 copter but that mean guy Rusty had to come out with a new frame that was even better! Besides that, I was actually wanting a little more room on the frame for everything such as the FPV system and dual batteries, all of which I could cram on the UAP1 but were a tight fit. Plus I wanted to get larger motors to be able to fly a bigger / better camera, specifically at the time a GH3 (about 950g vs the 300g of the LX7), and while I'm sure the 16mm booms would have worked it's nice having the extra strength of the 21.5mm booms (at least I think they are stronger...if they aren't don't burst my bubble). With this copter I am able to get...Continue Reading
Posted by mattchase | Nov 06, 2012 @ 02:04 PM | 4,750 Views
Latest Update: Feb 7th, 2013 - need to take some new photos!

Quick Summary:
- UAP1 Hexa from AGL Hobbies
- Flycarbon 16mm x 13" booms
- Tube Leg Landing Gear
- iPower 2814 750kv Motors
- DYS 40a ESCs (SimonK)
- APC 11x4.7 Props
- UG-1 Gimbal from AGL Hobbies
- 1.2ghz FPV Starter Kit from ReadyMadeRC
- 4s 4000mah Lipo Battery

- 2895g 3160g everything except gimbal & camera
- 3880g 3890g with LX7, FPV gear, and 4000mah 4s battery

Price / Parts List -

Flight Times: Approx. 5 minutes fully loaded. I've not done any flights recently without the gimbal & camera on board but would guess the flights would probably be 2 - 3 minutes longer without the camera, and probably 5+ minutes longer without the camera & gimbal. My previous gimbal weighed about 230g less and I was getting approx. 7 minute flights with a GH1 on that.

I've made a number of changes recently. I swapped out some parts to try to lower the weight, built a new gimbal that weighs about 200g less than the CF tube gimbal, and have added all of my FPV gear. So in the end my copter weighs just slightly more than it did when I weighed it for this post. I actually added the FPV gear about a month ago but didn't check the total weight, but I know it made an impact as my flight times dropped to between 2.5 - 3 minutes. So even though it weighs in at 10g more now it is actually lighter than it was prior to the...Continue Reading