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Posted by _Lunchbox_ | Feb 27, 2008 @ 09:52 PM | 10,247 Views
Well, it had to happen. I have been buying and selling on RCg for almost 3 years now, and have been very lucky in that nothing I bought has been damaged. Well, I bought a 3dhs Aspera here on the forums, and it finally arrived today. I must say that it took longer than USPS or UPS, I also had to wait an extra day due to "local weather conditions" ( That is another thing, I NEVER get teh package when it is supposed to be delivered. It is always "customer unavailable" or some crap like that )
So, the box shows up today, and I just happened to catch the driver before he dropped it off and left. When I stopped him and told him I wasnt pleased with the very apparent damage to the package and asked if there was something I could sign stating that the item was damaged, he told me that I should just contact the office and just tell them that the package was left that way.
This kind of stuff really angers me, and is exactly the reason I avoid Fedex at every chance.

I took the plane out of the box and it is a miracle that it is unscathed. I have gone over it and haven't found any damage. I cannot understand how that happened, but I consider myself lucky.
Anyway, I just had to rant a little... now I feel better