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Posted by _Lunchbox_ | Jul 11, 2007 @ 12:38 AM | 10,705 Views
Well, here I sit in the Hotel room in Atlanta....Just got settled in after attending the Sean Hannity freedom concert. All I can say is....WOW!!
I have not seen such an outporing of support for our troops and their families in.....well, since ever.... I am truly astounded at the turnout and the fabulous acts that played. To top it off, Eddie Mongomery of Montgomery Gentry fell off the stage.... I'm sure everyone thought he had hurt himself, but he appeared to handle it like a champ. I know it hurt, but he just jumped back on the stage and continued on....
My wife and I are already making plans to come back next year.

If you haven't been to a freedom concert, you should make plans to attend one, even if you don't agree with the politics, it is all about the troops and their families.
Larry the cable guy was a riot, and he even brought out Ron White at the end of his performance.
I really can't put into words the feelings, I went from laughter to tears to cheering...It is just so great to attend and be a part of something of that magnitude...It was worth every penny..

AND....I got an autographed copy of neal Boortz' book "Somebody's Gotta say it) YAY!!!
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