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Posted by _Lunchbox_ | May 09, 2007 @ 09:53 PM | 13,412 Views
All right! Time for another build of the next crash victim

I picked up a fashion 50 ARF (I don't know the manufacturer, but you can get it at Atlanta Hobby here ) at the Perry show a couple of months ago, and after much deliberation (about 5 minutes) I have decided to forgo the standard slimer configuration for the much cleaner electric power.
After getting most of the necessary stuff together, I have started building the plane.
First off, here are a few specs on the plane All from the manufacturer:
Wingspan = 54.7 In.
Length = 54.7 in.
Wing Area = 558 Sq in
approx AUW = 5.9 Lbs

I am going to go with an AXI 4120/14 motor, CC60 ESC, and 2 3s 3700 flightpower EVO wired in series for a 6s configuration. I'm not sure as to the prop size yet.
Finishing it out, I am using 4 Spektrum DS821 servos and a JR r790 RX.

Starting off, I looked over the wing, and the covering job was flawless, I could only find a small seam on the wing that needed to be tacked down, and there were no wrinkles in the covering. The 1st step is to glue the aileron hinges in. The ailerons come with the slots pre cut, so all you have to do is CA them in. They are CA hinges, but I can never get the hinges to go all the way in before the glue sets on the hinges I ended up using 5 min epoxy to hold the hinges in. So far that is only a minor issue.
Next is to cut out the servo bays in the wings. I cut the covering away, and drilled the holes to mount the servo cover in place. You have to...Continue Reading