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Posted by _Lunchbox_ | Apr 09, 2007 @ 10:54 PM | 14,632 Views
I picked up a wing kit for the Slow stick at the Perry show this March. It is available from millennium R/C. There is also a thread about it here

This will be my first attempt at building anything but an ARF plane, so we should be able to see how easy the instructions and build is for a novice.

I should say that although I've never seen one of these fly, the plane with the wing mod looks great and I'm excited to try one out.

To start off, the pieces were packaged together well, and even after 2 months of being shuffled around in my house from place to place with my RC stuff, all the pieces were still intact. I started off by looking over the complete instructions, and I must say they seem to be well thought out and are mostly clear to understand. I removed the first pieces from their sheets and they popped out with minimal effort. The laser cutting did a great job. I sanded the little "boogers" left from being attached to the sheet.

The 1st problem I ran into with the instructions, was there were 3 different types of wing ribs, and the instructions didn't tell you exactly where they went. This may be a newbie builder problem, but it has caused some head scratching nonetheless. However, the ribs were easily inserted into the spar and I only had to sand one piece in order to make it fit.

I only got as far as laying out both wing halves tonight with the spar and LE.
I haven't glued anything yet, but I hope to do that tomorrow.

Why oh why do I have to go to work? I hate stopping.....

Oh well. more to come tomorrow