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Posted by _Lunchbox_ | Jan 21, 2007 @ 02:03 PM | 17,689 Views
I've volunteered to build a World Models Voodoo Mustang for a friend, and thought I'd make an attempt at a build log, so here goes:

To start off, the parts were packed very well and were labeled in individual bags. I looked over the manual a couple of times before starting, and I can say that I didn't like the lack of written instructions. There are some pretty clear pictures, but I had a hard time understanding what the task at hand was in certain steps. In fact, the lack of instructions has already caused me to screw up once on this build
I started off by laying out the parts on a table and looking over for problems. All is good there. The first step is to glue the aileron hinges in and the ailerons on to the wing. So far so good... The next step is to install the control hornsin the ailerons. They pre-drilled holes for the horns, but the holes don't go all the way through the aileron, so, out comes the 'ol trusty Craftsman drill. After that was accomplished, the control horns went together with no problem. Step 3 was to install the aileron servos and linkages, but I don't have the servos yet (They are still at my friend's house), so I skipped that step for now. I will say that the manufacturer provided a string already in the wing to pull the wires through, but one side on this particular wing had come loose and was nowhere to be found. I just tied a couple of spacers to a string and dropped it throught the wing, then fished it out the hole. No problem there.
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Posted by _Lunchbox_ | Jan 04, 2007 @ 09:04 PM | 15,872 Views
I volunteered to paint my brother's E-starter this week and have just started it. I know it won't be the most professional job in the world given that it is being done with a $20 wal-mart airbrush, but......so what....
He asked that I take pictures of the process. I wish I could have taken some of the plane before I filled in all the boo boos and hangar rash with light spackle. Here are some of the plane before and shortly after the first coat. the 1st coat on the fuse is whiteas that is how he wants the windows. You can't tell in pics that it is even painted.