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Posted by ninjarixx | Feb 05, 2018 @ 10:48 PM | 2,644 Views
Here's my quick review of the Eachine TX5258 (

I planned to use this VTX in my armattan rooster build which will be mainly used for freestyle / freerange.
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The packaging of this VTX is very good and the item arrived to me in great condition.
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Posted by ninjarixx | Jan 05, 2017 @ 11:36 AM | 3,571 Views
The era of Micro FPV racing has arrived! Ever since people have converted their Inductrix to the tiny whoop,
I'm pretty sure manufacturers will follow suit. Lo and Behold after a few months since the Tiny Whoop era has begun,
Banggood released their own fleet of Micro Racers.

With that, I found the opportunity to review one. (Thanks BG Tobey!!! )

I have chosen the Eachine EX105 among the others (EX100 / EX110) because of simply how it looks.
I was always a fan of X frames which allows the pilot to mount the battery in the bottom.
Also it looks like my QAVX's baby brother.

Any way, of to the review!

What's inside the box??

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The Eachine EX105 is packaged very well. It is surrounded by lots of foam material to prevent damage during shipping.

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