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Posted by flying scrap | May 02, 2010 @ 08:57 AM | 3,496 Views
Hi,this was not my first kit car, that was a burlington arrow then
there was a bond bug then the berkeley T60
do you see a theme the odder the better
the berkeley was built from a new shell with a 1000cc engine
well over powered and a real handful to drive ok to about 50mph
then it was terrifying !!
but i could get a small plane and a 50 size helicopter in it just !
every trip was an adventure you held on so tight that after 20
mile you were worn out.
at the moment i am rebuilding a rickman ranger i can get loads
of models in that

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Posted by flying scrap | Apr 28, 2010 @ 03:59 PM | 2,731 Views
hi, wellcome to my blog (what is a blog)
anyway i think i will just stick some photos on and see what
the photos are a bike i built in the late 80s it started with
a triumph t100 motor sitting in the garage
a mate offered me a jawa 350 for 10 so a hacksaw, welder,
angle grinder,and a big tin of green paint
and a very strange sense of humour the triawa was built
i rode it for many year, and went to the isle of man for the TT on it
5 years running and it never broke down

then in a moment of madness i though it would be funny to make
it diesel
boy was i wrong, 38mph flat out, the lister engine was out and the
triumph back in 24 hours later all i have to show for this is one
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