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Posted by cwd10 | Jan 26, 2011 @ 08:39 AM | 2,320 Views
OK. I badly needed to update this, so here goes.

Part 1:

I had a bit of an adventure with my Skywalker over the winter holidays, so I will share this now. After my initial build up, I decided to make it easy to be able to change things as I go. To that end, I used Neodymium magnets to join the fuse halves, instead of permanently gluing. I also decided to add reinforcing tape for extra insurance and rigidity. This was a good decision, and works very well in the Skywalker. The first bad decision was to leave the stock ailerons in place, with no reinforcement. Read on...

As you can see from the pics, I placed quite a few of these magnets, in the most strategic places I could find. When I need to seperate the halves, it's relatively easy, yet it stays together in the air, and even during a crash. I'l explain more on that later. I had to do a lot of strategic placing of components in order to be able to seperate the fuse, without pulling all kinds of other things in half. I even placed the velcro tape on in two halves.

The first buildup was using my standard JR 72Mhz / PCM Receiver, an Eagletree FDR, and OSD-Pro with GPS. Everything went in easily, and I had no problem getting the C.G. right where most other SW flyers are getting theirs (a few mm behind the servo wires). I put velcro tape on the inside belly of the fuse so I could reposition any components if necessary, and to firmly secure the flight battery. In addition I added the 900Mhz transmitter and camera...Continue Reading
Posted by cwd10 | Aug 10, 2010 @ 06:00 PM | 2,557 Views
OK. this is my first blog, so I thought it fitting that it will be about my first dedicated FPV plane build. It's a Skywalker II.

I just got the plane today, so I took some pics while opening and inspecting the box. Looks good so far.

Here are some pics.

I've got to hand it to BEVRC. They really packaged it well, and shipped it quick. Thanks guys.

I hope that tail straightens out on it's own though....Continue Reading