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Posted by RcRav | Mar 01, 2018 @ 01:56 PM | 2,711 Views
OpenTX University (OTU) is now being looked after by both Rav (RCdiy, RCRav) and Leonard (mac44mag).

OTU has become one of the most referenced sites with respect to OpenTX. It has however also grown to a size that is no longer manageable. At its height of activity there were 4 to 5 core founders, administrators editors and authors with many more community members making contributions. Over time the site information has become out of date.

There are 80+ pages and 140+ posts that need to be kept updated. In its current form it is a full time job to update these pages and then keep them updated.

Rav and Leonard have decided to collaborate to keep the site alive but in a reduced capacity.

  • Rav (RCdiy) - Hosting costs, Technical Administration
  • Leonard (mac44mag) - Domain name costs, Content


The site is being reorganized to focus on fewer areas.
  • Core Focus - Guided learning of OpenTX.
  • Comments, Q&A - Comments will no longer be allowed or responded to. Existing comments will be removed. The are numerous forums that fulfill this need. There are 11K user accounts associated with these comments that will also be deleted.
  • Scaling Back Content - The 80+ pages will be reviewed and they will be kept, updated, archived or deleted.

RCdiy.ca will be the OpenTX Manual site to be used as a reference manual.

Open-TxU.org will be the guided learning site to get people started with OpenTX.

Thanks to the founders and contributors for developing this awesome resource! Your work is appreciated.
Posted by RcRav | Jan 05, 2018 @ 07:41 AM | 4,104 Views
Please provide feedback below to help improve what I’ve posted here http://rcdiy.ca/sxr-setup-s6r-s8r/.

For help please use this thread https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...Port-Telemetry

Please do not private message me for help