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Posted by glofuel | Dec 05, 2011 @ 10:54 PM | 2,239 Views
Hi all just a little about me. My name is Ian, live in the UK been building/flying RC aircraft for most of my life born into it all from the beginning so I think I can say I'm pretty experienced with RC stuff, I'm 48 yrs btw, last few years been flying large scale petrol fixed wing aircraft upto 100cc so far bigger to come hopefully had quite a few Heli's over the years and will have ago at flying pretty much anything that supports its self in mid air.

Member/safety officer of the MKMAA club in Milton Keynes UK.

I'm a electronics prototype wireman by trade so enjoy coming up with electronic gadgets now an then which lead me onto my current occupation building up a small business. What I love in life, RC products in kit form as well as RTF's designed by myself.

Started this around a year ago with my multiplex chuck gliders moded to RC which was quite a craze for a while, then in May 2011 came across this thread after a fellow club member asked me to look into FPV gear, saw these quadcopter aircraft and thought never seen em before there different and look pretty good fun. So after spending a few weeks trawling thru the threads seeing what did and didn't work finaly figured out what was what and built me own from scratch.

Test flew it at the field and could not believe how stable it was right from the start. Made a few good flights started doing some aerobatics next I hear is I want one !! another fellow club member wants a quad too so built him one, then...Continue Reading