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Posted by lmopar69 | May 26, 2009 @ 10:42 PM | 13,344 Views
I have had two planes sitting on the shelf (seperate shelves) for nearly 2 years awaiting their turn on the building table. Well, FINALLY I busted out the 42" Ohio Combat Sledgehammer and the 40" Ritewing Demon and got to work.

Normally, building two similar planes at the same time is no problem. However, these two have "history". They just cant seem to get along with eachother. Every time I put them next to eachother on the table they argue and bicker back and forth about who is faster, who is stronger or who is this or that. So, after numerous times having to seperate them and smack them on the noses with a hot covering iron they are FINALLY getting along better.

Both planes have "reccomended build techniques". I said, screw that and I am building them both identically and Im doing it "Laines way". Basically Im using little bits from each method plus some of my own. Doing this keeps them "equal-ish" and makes it much faster and easier for me.

Both planes will run on 3900 kv Neu motors, Castle Phoenix 80 ESC's 3S lipos and AR 500 RX's.

I am now to the point where the electronics are installed and I have started covering the planes. So, without further blabbering about this and that, here is a picture of the bottom of both of the wings. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce, my O.C. Sledgehammer and my R.W. Demon.

(Bottom of the Demon is black, bottom of the Sledge is orange)

Posted by lmopar69 | May 10, 2009 @ 12:14 PM | 12,483 Views
For Mothers Day, the kids and I went out to my shop yesterday, grabbed a hunk of 3/16" steel plate, my plasma torch and mig welder and this is what we ended up with.

Carson, Leslie and Kameron finished it off this morning, after making mom breakfast, with some decoration. I think they did great.

Yeah, its solid steel, its heavy, its kinda big, but it made Kristy smile more than anything they could have bought her at a store!

Posted by lmopar69 | May 06, 2009 @ 04:12 PM | 12,623 Views
Cremating the SRT10 (4 min 15 sec)

Posted by lmopar69 | May 04, 2009 @ 12:31 PM | 12,645 Views
Well, lets see. Where to start!

As you all know, this plane was a big project. There are so many people that helped out along the way I could never remember to thank them all.

Kristy, Carson, Leslie and Kameron helped me with this thing from start to finish. They put up with daddy being outside in the shop for weeks on end so it could fly just 10 days or so before I went to Afghanistan. Then, when I got home, they put up with it again to get it ready for SEFF. Thanks for being right there beside me through the entire thing. What a great family I have. Love you guys!

Without Jeremy at Ohio Combat, this thing would still be an idea in my head. Thanks for helping me make this thing real Jeremy! Be proud man, it flew at SEFF! There is no better place to have it die either. It was your airfoil, your foam, your design and it was awesome just like the rest of your planes. Thanks bud.

Of course, then there are the companies that helped. Ohio Combat, Castle Creations, Ecubed RC, Action Hobby, Horizon Hobby, Maxx Amps, Hobby Lobby, and Thunder Power. There is no way I could have afforded the electronics for this beast without all the help from these great companies. So, lets keep buying thier products guys, thats the only way they can afford to help with huge projects like the SRT/10! And if any of you get the chance, shoot them an email and tell them thank you for helping make the plane real. It might just help the next guy who wants to do something...Continue Reading
Posted by lmopar69 | Apr 24, 2009 @ 09:27 PM | 13,172 Views
Hey folks, just wanted to spread the word. I will have the SRT/10 at SEFF this year! Im getting it certified this weekend (since it is so heavy it is required), that way I can fly it at Hodges!

Stop in and say hi when you see it there, Im leaving for Hodges on Monday morning, so I'll be there all week!

Posted by lmopar69 | Apr 24, 2009 @ 09:23 PM | 13,074 Views
Hey guys, wanted to let you all know, we will have about 50 Bagram RC Club T shirts, and hopefully some vinyl decals at SEFF! All the proceeds from the shirts and decals go to the Fisher house to help families of wounded soldiers. It all about donations guys. First come first serve!



Posted by lmopar69 | Apr 19, 2009 @ 08:20 PM | 13,200 Views
I finished up the Slow Poke today. Got all the electronics in, hinged everything, balanced it, charged up the 6S 5000mah lipos, stuck on a 13x6.5 APC-E prop and took it out for a flight! I was surprised to know that balanced out perfectly with that big motor and big batteries! No shifting anything around, just slap the lipos in and fly. The box says it should weigh about 6.5lbs, mine, without batteries is 5lbs 8oz. I intentionally built it strong as heck (read: slightly heavy). The batteries are 1lbs 12oz so thats 6lbs 4oz RTF. Not too bad IMO.

I ran it on the wattmeter and came out with 1250 watts! That should do it just fine... pretty close to 200 watts per pound, might be over-kill, might be just right!

First thing I noticed is it wants to nose over when I ground taxin in thick bumpy grass... but what plane wont. Not ideal taxi conditions for sure, but it took off from my front lawn (which needs cut) just fine. After about 4 beeps of up trim it flew along really nice, even in a stiff breeze. Its a bit faster than I thought it would be. Of course, I have a ton of power in there. It rolls really nice, inverted is really smooth, loops are nice and big. I didnt try a knife edge or anything else just flew it around. I think I'll like it the way I built it without the dihedral in the wing.

I landed a little fast by mistake, and bounced it a bit. It took it like a champ and I taxiied in to put it away just in time before a rain storm came in.

All in all, Im happy with it! Now I have to cover the bottom of the front cowl (I havent sheeted it yet so I have access to the electronics). I might try to get some cool graphics made for it too. I have an idea, just have to have time to get it done. Oh, and I need a pilot in there. So, tomorrow it will be put up in the trailer for the trip to SEFF next week and I'll get back to work on my Pitts M-12.

Posted by lmopar69 | Apr 18, 2009 @ 11:12 PM | 13,115 Views
Finally I covered the fuselage. I have been working on this one for a loooong time. I think its looking pretty decent. If all is good after a couple flights I'll try to get some lettering made for it. I just want it DONE!!

Posted by lmopar69 | Apr 14, 2009 @ 11:08 PM | 12,386 Views
Finally got back on this one. Im trying to have it done before a local fun fly on Sat. Gonna be tough! With work, trips to Memphis and all, its gonna be tough. Anyway, its getting there.

Power will be a big Venom V50/400 outrunner, a 13x6.5 prop with a CC Ph 60 and CC BEC on 6S 5000mah lipos. Yeah, thats waaaay overkill, but with over 1000 sq in of wing, it will do fine Im sure.

Posted by lmopar69 | Apr 14, 2009 @ 11:02 PM | 11,408 Views
So, here is one of the many projects Im working on right now. Im tryin to get this Cox Models 72" span Pitts M12 biplane done before SEFF. I have an AXI 5345 motor, CC HV 110, 8 HS-645MG servos, a CC BEC and a bunch of Dubro hardware. It will run on 12S Flight Power lipos (If I can swing the $$ before SEFF). Either way, it will be there at least to look at.

Wish me luck in getting it done in time.

Posted by lmopar69 | Apr 02, 2009 @ 10:43 PM | 11,291 Views
My newest idea. A 32" span tapered wing "race" plane. It has a semi-symetrical wing, airfoiled horizontal stab and a solid fuse. With a Dons RC Wicked 3000kv outrunner on the nose and a 3S 1320 lipo it should scoot right along. I named it the CR-1. With any luck, it will fly great tomorrow morning and I wont have to come up with the CR-2!

So far, with the long nose, getting it to balance will be a breeze. No nose weight needed thats for sure. And with the short coupled tail, large elevator and full span ailerons it should be pretty responsive. I decided not to put a rudder on for now, just a simple verticle stab.

Im putting HS50s on the ailerons and a HS55 on the elevator. That should be enough to move the surfaces and keep the wieght down.

Posted by lmopar69 | Mar 29, 2009 @ 09:44 PM | 11,695 Views
I been playing with my new CNC machine and decided to design a "bird" type plane. They look pretty cool so why not.

So, here is what I have come up with. 1.9lbs EPP foam, 46" span, V tail controls, and hollow airfoil with a CF spar. Power is an AXI 2208-34, 3S 1320 lipo, 8x4.5 folding prop (in the video) and HS50 servos.


before paint:

Red Tailed Hawk (1 min 18 sec)

After I painted it:
Radio Controlled EPP Red Tailed Hawk (2 min 20 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by lmopar69 | Mar 18, 2009 @ 11:14 AM | 12,150 Views
Some of you may have noticed I have been "out of the loop" for the last week +. (probably not! lol)

On Monday the 9th I was given a task that no soldier wants to do, but all would be honored to do. The Casualty Assistance Center called my commander and told him "CW2 Stahr needs to report to the center with-in an hour." I was not expecting that call at all, nor was my Cdr.

After a mad dash home, thinking about this poor family the entire time, and wondering who, what, when, where, I put on my class A uniform, and I reported in to the CAC. During the drive, I knew I would be tasked with either CNO or CAO duties (Casualty Notification Officer, or Casualty Assistance Officer). The CAC told me I, and only me, would be the CAO for a CPT Victor Brown who had been killed that day. I contacted CPT Browns family that evening and made arrangements to meet with them on Tuesday. That was one difficult phone call to make.

CPT Brown was a Medical Officer from San Antonio and he was stationed at Fort Knox, KY. He had gone home (San Antonio) to see his children, two young boys, 6 and 3. He died there in Texas and I am not certain if he was able to see his boys or not first.

I was assigned to take care of CPT Browns family. So, Tuesday, early morning, I was off to Memphis to meet with the Brown family. We met, talked some, took care of some necessary paperwork and I was there with them until about midnight that night.

I met with the Brown family...Continue Reading
Posted by lmopar69 | Mar 08, 2009 @ 02:58 PM | 10,594 Views
Well, here is the new all EPP N2 that will soon be available at figure9rc.com
I threw some quick paint on it just so it wasnt all white and put in some HS 55s on the ailerons, HS 65s on the rudder and elevator, an AXI 2208/34 motor, TP 3S 2100 and a 10x4.7 prop. It balanced out just right.

What would a normal person do then? Fly it, right! Well, today we have 25mph winds gusting to 40! Yes 40! I live on a hill, and the wind just rips through here too. So,of course, I went and flew it! A maiden flight in 25+mph wind, makes sense to me! As you can imagine, it was a handfull in the wind, but I was able to fly it and it survived. Not quite enough power for that wind though. Maybe I'll get a decent day and get some video up soon.

Here are a couple pictures. It has a 51" wingspan so including the ailerons, so that makes 600square inches of wing area. Ready to fly weight is 27oz with the TP 2100. Not too bad.


EDIT: Calm winds this evening! Whoo hoo! What a blast to fly! This thing will do some awesome stuff. Loops are scarily tight (especially from inverted). It does some crazy spins with nothing more than rudder input. And slow, man will this ugly sucker slow down! I can tell you this, it may be ugly as sin, but its one of the most fun slow planes I have! I would say the design is finalized now. I'll get some video up ASAP
Posted by lmopar69 | Feb 24, 2009 @ 08:50 PM | 11,599 Views
So, I spent yesterday evening and this evening workin on my Slow Poke again. Figured I need to get it done and off my work bench since there are numerous planes waiting in line behind it. I want them all ready for SEFF, so work work work!

Anyway, its looking good to me. I took out the dihedral (cuz I dont need no stinkin dihedral!) and we'll see how she flys without it. Its gonna be a heavy sucker thats for sure. But, with the big old electric motors we have these days, Im sure it will fly better than glow anyway.

Here are some pics of the progress.


Edit: Got a bunch more done tonight until I ran out of CA. Gotta hit the hobby shop tomorrow and get some more. Then, before I can finish it, I have to configure a motor mount for an outrunner.

Posted by lmopar69 | Feb 21, 2009 @ 10:11 AM | 11,706 Views
So, my little buddy Kameron wasn't feeling too good for the last week or so. Fever started going up, he started having pretty bad pain. So, Tuesday morning, off to the hospital we went. Around 2pm he had his appendix taken out. Surgury on your little ones is never fun. Even simple stuff like an appendix. Scares the hell out of daddys!

Now he is home agian doin fine. He has been kickin my butt on the X Box while he recovers. Dang kids. How can a 7 year old stomp my butt!!! Im getting old

Here is a picture of his super cool scar. Chicks dig scars! But, he says girls have cooties. Oh well, he'll figure that one out soon enough on his own.

Now that he is up and runnin again, back to work on my truck and some planes.

Posted by lmopar69 | Feb 14, 2009 @ 05:55 PM | 12,235 Views
So, as some of you have noticed, the progress on my planes has stopped for awhile. I have been very busy, most every day workin on my #1 hobby... Dodge cars/trucks (Mopars). So, here a couple pics just to show you all what I have been up to since I got back from Afghanistan.

This is my 46 Dodge WD-15. I bought it about a year and half ago give or take. Of course, being gone for a year of that didnt help with the progress at all. Anyway, my goal is to have it on the road, driving by the end of the year. Its a lofty goal to say the least.

I stripped it down to a bare frame before I left. It now has an independant front suspension with Alden Eagle adjustable coil overs, rack and pinion steering and power disk brakes from Scotts Hot Rods in Cali. The rear has late model Dodge leaf springs and hangers and a 72 Challenger 8 3/4" rear end under it. The wheels/tires shown are just temps (from a Jeep) until the welding, grinding and painting is done. Then the 17" or 18" ones will go on.

For power, I have a 70's V-8, 360cid (5.9L for you tuner types) that Im building up to about 400HP or so. I have a late model A-518 overdrive trans for it, but Im thinking a late model 5 speed would be more fun, so that might change.

And yes, for those of you who are "in the know" that IS the big old Ohio Combat SRT/10 hanging from the ceiling behind it.

Anyway, this is what I have been up to recently. More plane work will come as I need to get ready for SEFF too!!!

Posted by lmopar69 | Jan 30, 2009 @ 05:09 PM | 11,731 Views
Here are some pics of my Mini Super Sportster.
Posted by lmopar69 | Jan 13, 2009 @ 10:31 PM | 13,597 Views
Jan 13. Well, here is the beginning of my latest build. Just a few hours work so far. Its coming along well.

Anyone care to take a guess at what it is, or rather, what it will be when its done? Lets see how smart you guys are!


Jan14. A little more progress today. I got the center section of the wing mostly put together.

So far, the hardest thing about this kit, is finding the pieces in the big pile of sticks!

Posted by lmopar69 | Jan 06, 2009 @ 06:42 AM | 13,967 Views
After spending the last few weeks getting back into the swing of being in the States again, then travelling to Nebraska for Christmas to see family and doin all that good stuff, it was time to build again!

Luckily for me, I bought this 45ish inch span Cedar Hobbies Bipe Stick a few weeks before I came home from Afghanistan. Since I LOVE bipes, it was begging to be built.

I spent about 2 afternoons assembling it. Really simple plane, as most "sticks" are. Its made for a 25 - 40 nitro motor. I went with a Dualsky 4250 6T and a 4S 3700 Flight Power lipo. Of course it has a Castle Creations controller in it and BEC. I could have used HS 81s on the plane to save some weight. But, it was made for standard size servos, and I have tons of them laying around. Figured the extra weight wouldnt hurt this one. So, it has some Spektrum servos that came with my DX-7 radios. They seem to work quite nicely.

The maiden went great, in between rain showers anyway. The little lady did a quick video for me, and I felt out the bipe. Smooth flying plane, even with half a Barbie on the controls My wife and daughter chose the pilot. I simply undressed her, cut her in half, redressed her and put her in. Man, here I am, 34 years old, playin with dolls... Also, those big old RC truck wheels work great! The look pretty cool too IMO.

Enjoy all, more to follow Im sure.

Bipe Stick (3 min 47 sec)