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Posted by lmopar69 | Sep 23, 2010 @ 01:52 AM | 14,471 Views

a link to some photos from our imbedded photographer, Eric De Castro, took during our time here at Ramrod doing Medevac. Im sure there will be more of us doing what we do as the week goes on. Gotta thank Hobby-Lobby.com for sending over a few of the micro p-51s! I passed them out, and a few have survived their first combat missions. Great little planes for when the wind is down and we have some down time (which does not happen very often).

Posted by lmopar69 | Sep 22, 2010 @ 02:24 PM | 14,467 Views
Sorry to say, lost some great friends who were even better soldiers very recently. Its hard on all of us, but we will drive on. Its our job and its what they all would want us to do. The ones they leave behind will be in my prayers.

God speed boys, you will never be forgotten. WARLORDS!

Posted by lmopar69 | Sep 14, 2010 @ 11:10 AM | 15,751 Views
So, I will be turning 36 on the 30th of this month. It seems like yesterday I was that young 20 year old E-5 in charge of a squad of soldiers. Now, like all the sudden, Im the old guy getting close to retiring. I am over 18 years of Active Duty Army Service now. On my 5th deployment, and 7th time overseas.

Somehow my family has held together for this long and is doing great. Mainly because I have such a wonderful wife who can handle anything that is thrown her way. I am also very blessed to have such great kids. Love you all very much!

So, I've noticed that all that upper body muscle I used to have seems to have slid right off my chest and shoulders and ended up around my waist. Guess its a sign of getting older, but, I just cant let it happen. I wouldnt say Im overweight by an means, but, I have looked better. So, 4 miles of running tonight, and a ton of abdominal stuff later, and I feel like I have been hit by a truck. Its a "good hit by a truck" feeling though. Now I just need my schedule to cooperate a bit, and I'll be able to do the same every night.

I go on mid tour leave in a bit over a month. So, gotta look good for my wife too! She looks great, so I figure the least I can do is get that 6 pack back for her.

See ya'll later!

Posted by lmopar69 | Sep 07, 2010 @ 02:45 PM | 14,163 Views
Well, we got ahold of some more paint yesterday, so, more painting!!! The beast is coming along nicely! We will also get the roof painted black soon and maybe the hood.

The "580" on the back is the tail number of the helicopter I was flying the day I took the truck mechanics that work on the van for a ride. So, as a tribute, they put "580" on as our vans tail number/emergency phone number. Nice!

Today one of the guys ordered 36 feet of 20% limo tint for it (yeah, its got a LOT of windows!). We should have a awesome musical horn/pa system on order shortly http://www.cogapa.com/ordering.htm
We may have a siren controller, some subwoofers, and an amp coming over soon, and we are looking for some tubing to make sidepipes for it! Oh yeah, no muffler and side pipes! Thats the plan!

Sorry about the bad pictures. The sun had just set, and the flash shows all the dust in the air over here. Pictures at night dont work out well.

Soon, the bars will be on the windows, the roof will be black, and hopefully we will have more red lights on the inside. We also may end up with a old police light bar from the states. One of our guys used to work for his home town police. We'll see if that pans out.

Our Battalion Commander does not have a very good sense of humor though. So we are fully expecting him to make us paint over the "Policia" on the van. I came up with a new name for it though if that happens. SWAT. Standard Warlord Aircrew Transport.

We can still use any parts, gizmos, gadgets or whatever for it if ya'll have some cool junk laying around!

Posted by lmopar69 | Sep 05, 2010 @ 11:19 AM | 14,299 Views
So, those of you who know me, know that Im a bit "resourceful". I found this van abandoned here in Kandahar, asked for it from the MP's, got it, spent A LOT of time getting it running and legal, then handed it off to my buddies at the motor pool.

Here is the basic story.... the "asking for your help part" is at the end...

13 hours later, I got my van back! When it went in, it was a "normal" 15 passenger Dodge 350 van that would not go over 10mph due to fuel starvation. It came back with LED lights on the front bumper hooked to a guarded switch, LED light bar under the back bumper for added visibility, twin whips on the back (just for looks). "Graphics" on the front, back, and sides. 4 brand new tires, fresh oil, new fuel pump, fresh coolant. Red interior lights, all signals, and other lights replaced.

They want to do a TON more work to it, like bars over the windows (police theme), more black paint (doors/fenders), add our unit logo (doors), more red lights inside, a sunroof, hood scoop, big old spoiler in the back, and anything else they can find.

So, does anyone have or have access to some BIG sub woofers and maybe an amp? How about a musical horn? A PA system? A LOT of window tint? Maybe a CB? Some fuzzy dice? Seat covers? Steering wheel ball? ANYTHING!!! If you guys can find it, we will find a way to install it!!! We have a good start on this crazy lookin "police van" but it needs to be insane!

Help us and be part of the madness! Of course, I will keep everyone updated with pictures.

I'll tell you, the guys are loving this project. Not only because it provides us with decent transportation (something we have been VERY lacking of) but because its OURS to do what we want with. May as well have some fun in our down time!

Thanks in advance guys,

Posted by lmopar69 | Sep 04, 2010 @ 01:02 AM | 15,303 Views
Hey guys, decided to clear out some space before I get home so I can do up my new 73" SBACH from Redwing RC. Anyone looking for a 12' or 6' RX ready Telemaster?

Here is a link.