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Posted by lmopar69 | Jul 25, 2010 @ 10:14 AM | 14,970 Views
Here is a quick video of the Lee Ulinger Edge 540 over here in Kandahar.

EDGE (4 min 51 sec)

And here is one of the Vapor flying indoors over here in a gym.

Vapor (3 min 38 sec)
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Posted by lmopar69 | Jul 18, 2010 @ 02:55 PM | 15,658 Views
Just curious as to how many people REALLY look at my blog on here? The little counter thing says some huge number all the time, but how many people acctually take the time to look at the stuff I write on here? If you regularly come here an see what Im up to, please post something and let me know! If you just recently stumbled over my insanity, put something up and let me know!

In other news...

My wonderful wife Kristy, Kmopar69 here on RCG, has also quit smoking! She is doing great and hasn't killed anyone (yet). Im very proud of her and Im sure she will keep it up and do great! Love ya honey!

And then there is this...

I recently posted a "Wanted" add here on RCG looking for a used micro cub or similar plane (this one). About a day later, I get a PM from a fella named "andersot" offering to send me a Vapor for free! I told him I would be happy to pay for it, but he insisted. So, we not have a Vapor on the way over here for some indoor flying. Thank you Andersot!

Then "justplainold" sent me a PM offering up a couple of the "brick" batteries. Man, I tell ya, I just cant get over the kindness and generosity of all of you guys here on RCG! Thanks Justplainold!

Just shortly after that, I got a PM from another fella named Garret H. Garret H saw my thread, and offered to send me money to help buy a indoor plane. Of course I told him thank you, but I couldnt let him do that. So, instead, ol' Garret H "one upped...Continue Reading
Posted by lmopar69 | Jul 12, 2010 @ 02:38 PM | 14,320 Views
So, after about 20 years, I finally decided to be a quitter at something. Smoking. Its one of those nasty habits I picked up a long time ago that has been slowly killing me, making me broke, and making me smell bad.

Time to quit! I have gone 6 days now without smoking. Its tough, but, its easy compared to some of the things in life I have done.

Posted by lmopar69 | Jul 06, 2010 @ 02:30 PM | 14,697 Views
I have been walking by this broke down goofy lookin truck for a few weeks now wondering what the deal is with it. So, I finally had time to ask around. I found the "owner", a company commander, and asked what he was doing with it. He said it didnt work. Of course, my next question... what do I need to do to get it from you? He said "sign here" on this temporary hand receipt! So, sign I did.

To make a long story shorter, after some TLC, some minor repair, and lots of scrounging, I now have an all electric GEM truck. This is the "eL" model. The best part is, GEM is owned by Chrysler... those of you who know me know Im a Mopar nut! I cant lose!

I been driving it around for 2 days now. Even with some dying batteries, I can get about 17 miles on a charge. Im workin a deal now to get 6 new batteries for it... yeah, 72volts is what this thing runs on! $200 a pop for batteries too! So, within a few weeks, I should have some new ones!

As per the deal made with the Captain I got it from, its mine as long as I want it. No argument there! 25mph in a silent "car/truck/thing" sure beats walkin!

So, it just goes to show, that for every bad thing that happens, usually something good is right around the corner.

(It might just need some Castle Creations decals!)


Posted by lmopar69 | Jul 02, 2010 @ 10:35 AM | 14,718 Views
Well guys, here's an interresting story for you from Kandahar.

I was scheduled to fly a couple days ago for an 8 hour mission with a Captain as my copilot. The young Captain did fine first off. Anyway, on to the story.

We finished our mission in about 6.8 hours, and about 11 of "duty day". Now we have rules about this stuff... we are only allowed 12 hours of duty day doing aviation related duties, anything more than that, we have to formally request an extension. We can get 2 hours from our commander, and then it just goes up the chain from there if we need more time to finish whatever we are doing.

Same thing applies to flight time. We are allowed 8 hours of day time, 7 hours mixed day/night/night vision goggles and 6 hours of only NVG flight in a day. Anything more, we have to ask for an extension.

So, back to my story. We finished our mission in about 6.8 hours. I decided to do a recon of this area where the "hodgies" keep shooting rockets at us from. So, I called our "Battle Captain" on the radio to check in and let them know what we were doing. When I did, I immediatly got a call back from one of our unit IP's (Instructor Pilot). He was on Medevac chase and they were being called out on a "CAT A". CAT. A is life, limb or eyesight injury... IMPORTANT STUFF!!! Anyway, his aircraft broke on runup, so he could not go. He asked if my crew could support the Med on this mission. We said of course we could, we...Continue Reading