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Posted by lmopar69 | Dec 30, 2009 @ 04:51 PM | 12,545 Views
Looks like I'll be flying a Blackhawk from Ft. Campbell again late this week. I'll be heading from Campbell, to St. Louis, MO, to Olathe, KS to Lincoln, NE, to North Platte, NE, to Denver, CO and on to Eagle CO. I'll be in Eagle for about a week or so doing some more high altitude flying. Should be a good time.

If you are near bye along the way, lemme know, you can come out and check out the aircraft at each of my stops.

Posted by lmopar69 | Dec 14, 2009 @ 11:11 PM | 12,133 Views
Well, I found an awesome deal on a 6 foot Telemaster ARF one day when I stopped in at Hobby Lobbys Sidewalk Sale. Not my style of plane at all, but of course, I never pass up a great deal and I picked it up! In my spare time over the last two nights, I assembled it, put the servos linkages and RX in it. All Im waiting on now is my motor and ESC to get here.

This thing has to be the EASIEST ARF I have ever put together! Probably 4 hours total time in it right now. And trust me, I was in no hurry doing it. One thing that really stands out to me is just how light it feels! For a 6 foot span plane, this thing weighs nothing, but it sure feels strong.

Of course, I have to modify it slightly so it dosnt look like every other Telemaster out there. So, I slapped on some old worn out Traxxas Rustler wheels and tires that I had on my truck over in Afghanistan, I pulled off the HOBBY LOBBY TELEMASTER decals from the wing and fuse, and I will add some more color to it another time.

Anyway, who knows when I will get out and maiden this one and the Bobcat I just finished.

Posted by lmopar69 | Dec 13, 2009 @ 02:11 PM | 11,943 Views
I decided that during the day time (on the weekends) I needed to get my butt to work on my REAL cars/trucks again. At night, I can work on the planes I want to get finished.

So, back to work on my drag car. Its an 89 Dodge Ram 50 pickup (smallest/lightest Dodge truck I could find). I cut the rear frame off, and added a Checkered Racing 4-link frame and 4-link setup. Along with the 4-link, I had a 8 3/4" Dodge rear end (from a 73 Challenger) cut down so I could fit a set of 29"x18.5" Hoosier Pro Street Radials under the bed. The Frame is 20" wide in the rear, the bed is 63" wide, so these big old tires just barely fit under it. Now I just need to order my axle shafts from Moser Engineering, and I'll have the rear suspension done. FINALLY. Then its on to insalling the roll cage.

For those interrested, power will come from a small block Dodge (360) For now its pretty mild with flat top pistons, stock heads, a 284 duration, 484 lift cam, Edelbrock intake/Carb and some shorty headers. Eventually it will be stroked to a 408 with aluminum heads on it. But, that will be down the road.

For now, I just want to get it "finished" and driving. Yes, it will be street driven also.

Posted by lmopar69 | Dec 10, 2009 @ 07:59 PM | 12,016 Views
I figured it was time for another update on the 51" span Bobcat. I been workin on this thing for weeks! But, being an Army pilot kinda takes a lot of time, so it still has no prop on it and has not been maidened yet. I need a day off!

Thanks to my little buddy Kameron for sitting still with Hemi long enough for me to get a picture!

I put some HS 225mg servos on the elevator, some HS 81s on the rudders, some Scanner RC MG servos on the ailerons and a Scanner RC MG servo on the nose wheel. It has an AR 7000 RX in it, a Castle BEC Pro, a Castle Ice 75 and an AXI 4130 outrunner on the back. I would like to run 8S 4450s in it. I'll have to see what prop will work without overloading the motor/lipos or ESC. I may have to step down to 6S. Either way, it looks like it will be a lot of fun once I get it in the air.