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Posted by lmopar69 | Jun 02, 2009 @ 11:38 PM | 14,841 Views
For some reason the guys at work say I have "the gift of gab". I cant say if thats a good thing or a bad thing on a normal basis, but, at times, it certainly helps the people around me (and me too!).

Last Wed. my company commander came to me and told me I am in charge of the fund raising event for our Battalion Organizational Day. The WHAT day you ask? "Org Day" is basically a day when the entire battalion (about 500 soldiers) shuts down. We all get together, have a BBQ and some "friendly" competition (Softball, flag football, volleyball etc...). Of course, all families are invited and we have events for the kids too.

Anyway, they want me to raise money for our Family Readiness Groups, or "FRG" (each company has one, and we have 7 companies in the battalion). I decided a "give away" is the way to go to accomplish this task. Since "raffles" are illegal, we will do a give away... no donation is necessary... but if you dont, Im guessing your tickets may accidentally get put in the wrong "container".

I have spent the last few days driving all over Clarksville, and even to Nashville to talk to local companies and collecting things to give away to the soldiers and families of our battalion. Let me tell you, driving around in my old beat up truck, with no A/C, burning through $2.50 a gallon gas in a flight suit for 4 days sucks. but, I have had worse jobs in worse places.

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