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Posted by lmopar69 | Mar 29, 2009 @ 10:44 PM | 11,911 Views
I been playing with my new CNC machine and decided to design a "bird" type plane. They look pretty cool so why not.

So, here is what I have come up with. 1.9lbs EPP foam, 46" span, V tail controls, and hollow airfoil with a CF spar. Power is an AXI 2208-34, 3S 1320 lipo, 8x4.5 folding prop (in the video) and HS50 servos.


before paint:

Red Tailed Hawk (1 min 18 sec)

After I painted it:
Radio Controlled EPP Red Tailed Hawk (2 min 20 sec)
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Posted by lmopar69 | Mar 18, 2009 @ 12:14 PM | 12,358 Views
Some of you may have noticed I have been "out of the loop" for the last week +. (probably not! lol)

On Monday the 9th I was given a task that no soldier wants to do, but all would be honored to do. The Casualty Assistance Center called my commander and told him "CW2 Stahr needs to report to the center with-in an hour." I was not expecting that call at all, nor was my Cdr.

After a mad dash home, thinking about this poor family the entire time, and wondering who, what, when, where, I put on my class A uniform, and I reported in to the CAC. During the drive, I knew I would be tasked with either CNO or CAO duties (Casualty Notification Officer, or Casualty Assistance Officer). The CAC told me I, and only me, would be the CAO for a CPT Victor Brown who had been killed that day. I contacted CPT Browns family that evening and made arrangements to meet with them on Tuesday. That was one difficult phone call to make.

CPT Brown was a Medical Officer from San Antonio and he was stationed at Fort Knox, KY. He had gone home (San Antonio) to see his children, two young boys, 6 and 3. He died there in Texas and I am not certain if he was able to see his boys or not first.

I was assigned to take care of CPT Browns family. So, Tuesday, early morning, I was off to Memphis to meet with the Brown family. We met, talked some, took care of some necessary paperwork and I was there with them until about midnight that night.

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Posted by lmopar69 | Mar 08, 2009 @ 03:58 PM | 10,803 Views
Well, here is the new all EPP N2 that will soon be available at figure9rc.com
I threw some quick paint on it just so it wasnt all white and put in some HS 55s on the ailerons, HS 65s on the rudder and elevator, an AXI 2208/34 motor, TP 3S 2100 and a 10x4.7 prop. It balanced out just right.

What would a normal person do then? Fly it, right! Well, today we have 25mph winds gusting to 40! Yes 40! I live on a hill, and the wind just rips through here too. So,of course, I went and flew it! A maiden flight in 25+mph wind, makes sense to me! As you can imagine, it was a handfull in the wind, but I was able to fly it and it survived. Not quite enough power for that wind though. Maybe I'll get a decent day and get some video up soon.

Here are a couple pictures. It has a 51" wingspan so including the ailerons, so that makes 600square inches of wing area. Ready to fly weight is 27oz with the TP 2100. Not too bad.


EDIT: Calm winds this evening! Whoo hoo! What a blast to fly! This thing will do some awesome stuff. Loops are scarily tight (especially from inverted). It does some crazy spins with nothing more than rudder input. And slow, man will this ugly sucker slow down! I can tell you this, it may be ugly as sin, but its one of the most fun slow planes I have! I would say the design is finalized now. I'll get some video up ASAP