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Posted by lmopar69 | Sep 22, 2008 @ 01:30 PM | 14,150 Views
So, we had the "grand opening" tonight! Its done... well, done enough to open anyway. Still some "details" I want to finish. Like tables etc... pictures you know, nice stuff.

Heck of a turn out too! About 150ish people! Including one 2 Star General, about a dozen Full Birds (o-6), and more O-5's and below than you could count. Plus, the most important, lots of SOLDIERS/AIRMEN!

Now, any time, day or night, anyone can stop in, grab a cup of joe, some tea, hot coco and a snack, FOR FREE! Everything in the place is from donations. Cant beat that.

Plus, we have 2 tv's with AFN and one with an XBox 360 for playin games. Cant go wrong there either.

Enjoy the pics. Im just glad I can take some time off from it now!

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Posted by lmopar69 | Sep 20, 2008 @ 01:37 PM | 12,559 Views
So, the Bagram RC Clubs fleet is growing a bit lately! I posted a "wanted" add a week ago or so looking for a trainer type plane to buy to teach a few of the guys here to fly. I have some Fun Jets with Neu motors and Optic 6 radios here courtesy of Castle Creations, Hitec/Multiplex, Steve Neu and Flight Power. But, they are not exactly good trainer planes.

Anyway, in what seemed to be minutes, one of the faithful RC Groupers "Shovelheadfreak" offered up 4, yes 4 airplanes for us and a bunch of misc motors/gear! I said, "how much?" he said I CANT pay him!!! What a great guy!

So, today they arrived! 1 slofly 28 arco 3D kit complete with motor, esc, carbon fiber. mountain models smoothie kit, hobby lobby super cub kit, and a lee strangle funfly kit along with enought covering to cover all 3 of them. a bottle of foam safe ca, older 4 channel cirurs radio and RX and many micro and mini servos.

Now, you cant beat that!

So, CW3 Matt Cole is working on the Super Cub tonight. CW2 Dennis Eelkema is building the Smoothie and I will build the fun fly kit and 28 acro.

Pics to follow soon hopefully.

Thank you Shovelheadfreak! Your a great guy man.


Now, everyone who reads this, send shovelheadfreak a PM and say thanks for me! lol, that should be fun!
Posted by lmopar69 | Sep 10, 2008 @ 02:31 PM | 13,838 Views
So, good old CW3 Matt Cole and I decided its time for him to have a Fun Jet. Matt has a 40 size glow trainer that my good freind Bert Matos (Qbanflyer) gave to him last year. He has 4 or 5 successful flights with that.

So, yesterday I handed him a Fun Jet, Optic 6, two HS 65 Servos, a Neu 1112 1Y motor and Castle Creations Phoenix 45. Today, I came in from my flight and it was built, and painted! NICE. So, he wanted to fly it.... well, not such a good idea I thought. "Why dont you fly MY Fun Jet?" (Same setup, just mine is a little beat up already.) "Sounds good". So, we packed up and off we went to our little "off limits" flying area.

We got there, I did a quick pre flight, set it up with 50% throws on my DX7 and I launched it. I flew it a bit, trimmed it out then handed the TX over to Matt. 8 seconds later.... You know the rest of the story!

We have all been there and done that. Gotta learn somehow! So, now, after repairing the FJ, he has spent the last few hours flying my G-3 sim on his laptop. (shoulda done that sooner!) He is determined to fly one of these little buggers.

Here are the pics! Enjoy! And be sure to check out www.bagramrcclub.com if you get the chance!

Posted by lmopar69 | Sep 08, 2008 @ 12:47 PM | 13,387 Views
So, the "coffee house" / Chaplains office is almost done on the outside. A bunch of the Battalion Staff guys (Majors, CW4's, Captains and 1SGs) finished the painting the other night. Yes, the "big wigs" helped out too! They worked on it till about 3am!!! Sure looks nice! Kinda reminds me of a German shop.

Also, here is the movie screen we now have set up on our deck! Courtesy of my freinds in Cali, Deb, Patrick and Wayne! Killer projector (thanks!!!)!! Too bad I wasnt smart enough to turn off my flash when I took the picture.

So, now a few times a week, we are all able to "unwind" in the evenings while we watch a movie. This night just happened to be Saving Private Ryan... fitting maybe? lol

Thanks all!