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10% oFF Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Free Gifts available.

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Posted by FPV.Model | Nov 21, 2017 @ 09:56 AM | 1,900 Views

Great discount? Free gifts? Yes, yes, yes!!!

FPV Model is having our yearly Black Friday sale event! Dont miss out on your chance to take part in our biggest savings of the year.

10% off entire store at the main website and US website. We offer the deals that you have never seen before. Please take a note that the Flash deals and Betaflight Backpacks are excluded.

Simply enter the coupon 2017BLACK to take the advantage of this offer. Make sure you take a look at our SPECIAL SALE as well where you can combine the Black Friday sale on items that are already marked way down!

Nov.17th - Nov.28th, a truly unbelievable sale going on Thanksgiving week through Cyber Monday. Hurry up and stop by to find what you are looking for, deals like these cant last long!
Posted by FPV.Model | Nov 10, 2017 @ 11:26 AM | 1,144 Views

11.11 (Nov. 11th) is the largest shopping festival in the world.
See what FPV Model has prepared for you. Great products, great prices. Grab yours now at http://www.fpvmodel.com.
Posted by FPV.Model | Sep 18, 2017 @ 09:27 PM | 1,834 Views

Aluminum CNC machined shell, 48 channels with raceband, built-in monitor, DVR, color-coded channels, tripod mount and many more. Is this the diversity receiver you are looking for? We have been going over the design of the Dragonfly Diversity Receiver for several months now and have finally settled on the final production version.

Details: https://www.fpvmodel.com/dragonfly-4...tor_g1346.html

Plug and play. The two built-in two receivers have a high sensitivity of -95dbm which is much higher than that of other receivers. You can automatically receive the best signal and maximize your signal coverage.

Built-in 1.54" monitor for instant display, showing the input voltage, frequency band and channel on the screen. You are also easy to observe the channel interference. Futhermore, we are using the monitor with top quality mineral glass which are widely used on the watches to make sure the monitor will not be scratched.

The Dragonfly Diversity Receiver is with dual video outputs, easy connect it to various devices. It has a function of DVR files protection that automatically save the footage even suddenly power off.

Easy to use button with channel autoscan. Channel searching comes with memory function, no need to search every time.

To ensure the longest and best performance, the Dragonfly Diversity Receiver comes with two built-in micro mute fans, no noise and able to make the receiver stay cool. As per our internal test, the Dragonfly diversity receiver works great...Continue Reading
Posted by FPV.Model | Sep 09, 2017 @ 08:56 AM | 1,453 Views

While we were designing the Betaflight backpack one thing kept coming up in the design aspect was how much room the transmitter took up inside the bag. So, we thought the best design would be to make a hard shell top mounted case on the top of the bag. The hard shell top of the case allows for extra protection of your transmitter and frees up valuable space inside the bag.

We are now taking pre-orders on this backpack to judge the demand. During this time we'll be selling the Betaflight Hive Backpack at a discounted rate, please keep in mind that once the backpack is manufactured and being sold when "in stock" the actual cost will be higher.

Link: https://www.fpvmodel.com/betaflight-...ack_g1345.html

Betaflight HIVE is a comfortable and protective FPV quad racing backpack built to carry and protect your FPV racing drones and accessories.

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Posted by FPV.Model | Jul 30, 2017 @ 11:12 AM | 2,332 Views
Coupon: Cam7
Discount: 7% off on the Runcam, Foxeer and Aomway Cameras.

Foxeer Arrow V3 & Arrow V2

Runcam Swift, Swift 2, Swift Mini, Micro Swift, Eagle, Eagle 2, Owl Plus
Posted by FPV.Model | Jul 23, 2017 @ 12:21 PM | 3,053 Views
So happy to see so many of you choose BetaflightF3 as the favorite flight controller. We are trying our best to catch the production and we will continue to make more innovative products.

BetaflightF3 Flight Controller: https://www.fpvmodel.com/betaflightf...ler_g1231.html
Betaflight BLHeli_32 ESC: https://www.fpvmodel.com/betaflight-...200_g1330.html

Posted by FPV.Model | Jul 16, 2017 @ 12:04 PM | 3,060 Views

We love it when people like Betaflight and BlHeli work together. It lets us bring you products like this, BLHeli 32.

Link: https://www.fpvmodel.com/betaflight-...200_g1330.html

A limited batch of Beta Bees have been released and listed on the site. Please keep in mind that this is a limited release first batch. These are not expected to last long. These are the new Betaflight "Beta Bees" BlHeli32 ESC featuring current sensor, added capacitors, 2-6A input with 35A continous output.

  • Built in Current Sensor
  • Extra capacitors to help smooth noisy envrionments.
  • Customizable color choice RGB LED using Blheli_32 software.
  • Large positive and ground pads for easy soldering.
  • 2-6s Lipo input
  • 35A continuous current (can handle burst above 45A but please be reasonable, do not overwork your motors)
  • TX pad on ESC used for Telemetry pad.

Specifications :
  • Input: 2-6s LiPoly
  • Constant: 35 Amps
  • Burst: 45 Amps
  • BEC: No BEC, OPTO only
  • Dimensions: 34x16x7mm
  • Weight: 6g (without motor wires)

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Posted by FPV.Model | Jun 27, 2017 @ 11:08 AM | 3,915 Views

Mid-Year Sale at www.fpvmodel.com!
Take US$5.00, US$15.00 or US$30.00 off if your order is over US$$50.00, US$$150.00 or US$300.00!
Each order is limited to one coupon.
Posted by FPV.Model | Jun 21, 2017 @ 12:03 AM | 5,669 Views
FPV Racing Outside Office for Fun - X-Racer X-1 (1 min 30 sec)

Something new from FPVModel.
EZlap timing system: https://www.fpvmodel.com/ezlap-timing-system_g1308.html

The EZlap timing system is a race management system that specially designed for both indoor and outdoor small scale drone racing. It allows 4 pilots to race at once.

The EZlap timing system comes with a master controller, 3 infrared receiver modules, 8 transmitters. The system is powered by a PC or laptop via a USB cable connecting to the USB port of master controller. It is easy to install, simply mount the master controller and receiver modules in the racing gate, install the transmitters in the racing drones, then install the free RCM Beginner software (can be downloaded at the bottom of this page) in your computer and connect with the provided USB cable, you and your friends will be able to start the racing just in a minute.

The master controller sends the signals that received from the infrared receiver modules to the computer after processing.
The infrared transmitter is 0.4g only, it will not increase any weight to the racing drone since it is so light in weight. It has 8 different address codes which are switchable via the 3-digit DIP switch. Start to send the address codes after powering on via USB.
The infrared receiver modules receive the address codes from the transmitters and send them to master controller.

Connection and Use
  • The master controller is powered by the USB
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Posted by FPV.Model | Jun 10, 2017 @ 09:37 AM | 5,106 Views
Lets Talk BLHeli 32 / D_Shot 1200 (14 min 1 sec)

Project Blue Falcon has made a tutorial video on the BLHeli_32. In this video, he also talked about how to get Dshot1200 running in Betaflight which maybe helpful to the new users of BLHeli_32 users.

Source: http://www.blheli32.com/video-lets-t...-32-dshot1200/
Posted by FPV.Model | Jun 06, 2017 @ 08:50 AM | 4,432 Views
ES120 Motion Scewdriver (0 min 17 sec)

Like this electric screwdriver very much.
Posted by FPV.Model | May 12, 2017 @ 11:37 AM | 5,907 Views
Anyone of you have tried this? The foam pad is made by Skyzone for Skyzone 3D goggles. But actually except the Skyzone goggles, this foam pad is aslo fitting the Fatshark goggles. No more light leaks and more comfortable.


Posted by FPV.Model | May 10, 2017 @ 11:46 AM | 5,221 Views

FPV Model has started shipping out the Wraith32 35A. If you have pre-ordered at fpvmodel.com before May 8th, you are having a chance to be the first one in the world receiving the BLHeli_32 ESC.

Wraith32 35A is the first 32bit BLHeli_32 ESC that supports Dshot1200 in the world. As per FPV Model’s update, the first batch is very limited in quantity and the next batch will be arriving around May 15th.

Wraith32 35A ESC: https://www.fpvmodel.com/wraith32-32...200_g1271.html
Posted by FPV.Model | May 08, 2017 @ 10:48 AM | 4,888 Views
X-Racer X-1Review (18 min 30 sec)

A review made by the RCaddict on the X-Racer X-1

Main Features:

1. Pre-flashed with the latest Betaflight firmware.
2. Micro 5.8g 48ch Vtx.
3. FC is compatible with FrSky & SBUS, USB port ready.
4. Micro FPV HD Camera.
5. The case is available in various colors. (Blue, Gray, Yellow, Rose, optional )
6. The BNF version is completely assembled that just need to bind with the Taranis then fly.
7. No soldering or 3D printing required.
Posted by FPV.Model | May 01, 2017 @ 12:15 PM | 5,702 Views

BLHeli_32 is the 3rd generation of BLHeli firmware after BLHeli and BLHeli_S. Different from previous versions, the new 32bit firmware is close source. It utilize 32-bit MCU (STM32F0 Cortex-M0 at 48MHz) that runs much faster than 8bit. Faster input signals with lower latency and higher rate would be possible, such as Dshot1200 or even faster protocols!

Now the first ESC that supports BLHeli_32 has already been announced – the Wraith32 35A. Luckily, FPV Model has received the first batch of samples for testing purpose. The results turned out pretty good and the final production version will be available around the 15th of May. You can now preorder the ESCs from FPV Model. The product link is https://www.fpvmodel.com/wraith32-32...200_g1271.html.
Posted by FPV.Model | Apr 30, 2017 @ 09:46 PM | 5,607 Views

Discount: 7% oFF
Website: www.fpvmodel.com
Discount Coupon: MAY2017

Happy International Workers' Day!

On celebrating the International Workers Day, FPV Model is giving 7% off on orders placed during the holiday. The Mugin Planes, BetaflightF3 FC, Rescue-2 Gimbal and X-Racer X-1 Canopies Excluded. You can apply the coupon code MAY2017 at the checkout page to take this advantage.
Posted by FPV.Model | Apr 22, 2017 @ 08:46 AM | 5,065 Views
Agile, safe and fun. The X-Racer X-1 is an ultra-micro FPV drone designed for indoor flying in even the smallest of places. It is an amazing gift to both the first time pilot and advanced pilots.

X-Racer X-1: https://www.fpvmodel.com/x-racer-x-1...ies_g1262.html

X-Racer X-1 DVR Footage - Part 1 (0 min 56 sec)

Posted by FPV.Model | Apr 11, 2017 @ 12:28 PM | 7,778 Views
BLHeli_32 is the 3rd generation of BLHeli firmware after BLHeli and BLHeli_S. BLHeli_32 runs on an ARM 32bit MCU, initially it will be on a Cortex-M0 running at 48MHz, but there are MCUs out there that can run a lot faster.

Now the first ESC that supports BLHeli_32 has already been announced – the Wraith32 and Wraith32 Plus. Luckily, FPV Model is part of the project and the ESCs are now available for pre-ordering at fpvmodel.com. The estimated shipping date is May 15th All our customers have the chance to be the first in the world to receive these new BLHeli_32 ESCs.

Please check https://www.fpvmodel.com/wraith32-32...200_g1271.html for more information.