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Posted by rcav8r2 | Jun 07, 2012 @ 12:50 AM | 5,606 Views
I thought I would use this space (finally) for extended tips/how tos that come up from time to time, and are often repeated.

The first one is using washers as wheel collars by soldering washer to the music wire. I'll be using 1/8" music wire in this example, and a 40 watt Weller iron.

First off... Items needed:
1) Soldering iron with CLEAN tip
2) Plumber's flux(not acid) and solder, washers (#4s in this case) some worn 110, or 220 sand paper, 3) denatured alcohol, and a paper towel.

4) First clean the wire with the denatured alcohol, then roughen up (really giving it a good cleaning) with the sandpaper. Then wipe again with a paper towel dampened with denatured alcohol. You will see the stuff you took off on the paper towel

5) You want a nice clean look to the music wire. A common problem is the wire is not clean enough. Also clean your washers if they are dirty.

I use a scrap 2x4, and drill a hole (preferably with a drill press) 90 degrees to the wood. Make the hole the size of the music wire...1/8" in this case.

6 ) Mark the wire with a Sharpie where you want the inner washer. Put the washer on the wire, and insert it into the hole in the wood so the washer lines up with the mark you made.

Apply some (not too much) plumbers flux to the washer/music wire joint.

7) Place the hot tip of the iron to the washer/music wire joint, and apply solder. Make sure to heat up the joint a bit before trying to apply the solder. If it is hot enough it will...Continue Reading