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Posted by WarrrEagle! | Mar 08, 2008 @ 07:54 AM | 7,112 Views
Well I have recently "Went Spektrum" with a nice, new DX6i (thanks Bo!). I have 3 6100E rXs so far. I think I will keep the old faithful 9C for some time but the Spektrum is very, very nice!

My brother gave me a Swift II wing for Christmas and it is awesome! I have it set up with a Park 370 1360kv, APC 8x6, TB18, HS55s and a 6100E all powered by a TP 1320 or PQ 800 3s. I used a pieceof plastic milk carton as a hatch and ran my servo arms through the top (like a Stryker) to protect them.

Really a great flyer. One of my fastest planes and also a really graceful, floaty slowflyer if wanted!

I augured her in on about flight number 6 but the damage is minimal and repairable...
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Jul 14, 2007 @ 11:05 PM | 6,532 Views

I'm loving this thing!

More FanFoldFly (0 min 46 sec)

Posted by WarrrEagle! | Jul 14, 2007 @ 06:28 PM | 7,068 Views
A buddy of mine gave me an Extreme Flight Edge 540T complete sans RX and engine a few months ago.

I had a Thunder Tiger .46 Pro laying around so on it went and today, the rest is history. I maidened it this morning.

As my first 3D nitro plane it was a handful but after a few tanks I got a pretty good feel for it. It does not seem to want to hover very well but that could be any number of factors, prop, motor, CG, the pilot... Very nimble though and knife edges were coming along nicely.

Really floats for it's size and landings were a non issue.

I think a longer, more pattern oriented, plane may be more to my liking.

Just thought I'd add it to the blog!
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Jun 29, 2007 @ 01:08 AM | 7,266 Views
Had a great evening of flying today!

Just a few pics and a video...

Fan Fold Fly (1 min 22 sec)

Posted by WarrrEagle! | Jun 25, 2007 @ 01:38 AM | 7,015 Views
I rebuilt my Fan Fold copy of the Superfly... Did a 3 ply nose and added some skewers for longitudinal strength.

This one uses a Hextronik 24g outrunner (1300kv) with an APC 7x4 and a 3 cell 800 mAh li-po with cheapie servos and a Berg Microstamp rx.

Maidened it earlier this evening and it was a blast! Zippy as all get out but slowed down very nicely as well. Lots of fun!

I'd like to try one of the higher kv versions of the motor...

I have about 5 packs through this model as set up and it is awesome! It amazes me how well a flat plate delta like this can fly!

Try it!
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Jun 09, 2007 @ 04:59 PM | 7,175 Views
Did a variation of TOG's Hellcat.

No dihedral and added ailerons.

Painted the two tone and used sign vinyl for the rest of the trim.

FFF, Berg micrstamp, "Blue Wonder" 24g outrunner, TP 10 A ESC, 1 HS55, 2 BA 4g, 800mAh 2s li-pos.

6oz minus batt.

We will see how she flies!
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Apr 24, 2007 @ 10:51 AM | 7,568 Views
Got mine built and had the opportunity to maiden her today! Flew like a dream! It is my first bipe so it felt strange for a bit but once I got it figured out I ran out 3 batts without incident.

The Esskay 400 on a 10x47 APC is "enough." I want more! I may put a Park 400 in it.

10.5 oz without battery.
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Apr 16, 2007 @ 10:57 AM | 7,854 Views
A local town sponsored a contest in which regional artists created pelican sculptures on various themes to be displayed throughout town over the summer and then auctioned off for charity. There are some really neat ones but a few really caught my eye and I thought you guys would like to see them, even though they are not R/C related...

Sooo, with no further ado, I present some REAL War Birds!
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Apr 10, 2007 @ 10:49 PM | 7,619 Views
Added a E-Flight Cessna with the Park 400 outrunner to the collection. Looks nice... That is the best think I have to say about it. Horrible quality control and is the only plane I have that tip stalls... Scary lesson to learn. Flies too fast, lands too hot... I am stripping the gear and it is going to live out it's days as a display in my wife's classroom.

On a better note I also added a Super Zoom with an Axi 2212/26. Flies like it is on rails. Solid and tight. Me likee.

My only complaint is that it is a tad underpowered compared to some planes I have but it is more than enough really... I am spoiled by some insane power to weight ratios.

Anyway, mo fun and mo money!
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Mar 24, 2007 @ 12:06 AM | 7,735 Views
Well my latest is a Tiger 400 I picked up used...

Running a Park 400 outrunner with a APC 9x6E wired to a T-Bird 18 powered by CSRC 1110 mAh 3s packs. Corona 6 ch full range rx and HS-55s make up the rest.

I had to make the firewall and cover for the resultant gap. Turned out OK I think.

20oz AUW with batt. Had to add some weight to the nose to get her to balance. I HATE doing that...

This is my first traditionally built electric. Pretty darn nice!

Should get her in the air this weekend!
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Mar 10, 2007 @ 09:33 PM | 7,641 Views
Just completed my 8th (I think) UFO. Some for friends or my brothers,most for me. I tend to ring them out!

I tried to go light on this one but came out at 164g/5.8oz... Not too bad I guess.

I over did it by embedding a CF flat in the foam, notching the stick mount for it and generally being anal. I also enlarged the elevons to 4". This is a 21"er BTW.

I think it turned out so nice looking that I may just maiden it and tuck it away for SEFF so I can represent my fellow cheap-o FFF builders and GPW well!
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Jan 28, 2007 @ 01:08 AM | 9,116 Views
24" span. Running a Park 250, E-Flite 10A ESC, PQ 2S 400s and 800s, Berg 4ch rx, S-60 for ailerons, Blue Arrow Micros for R and E. Came in at 120 grams without the battery. Not bad for FFF I think.
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Jan 16, 2007 @ 12:41 AM | 8,339 Views
The club I am in has a nice agreement with the Navy to fly at one of their NOLFs or Navy Off-Site Landing Fields on weekends or Federal Holidays.

Not much in the way of facilities but we darn sure don't do too many cross wind landings! (Unless we want to of course!)

It is unmanned usually but they bring out instructors, ATC and fire types when they are doing ops there. Pretty neat setup. LOT of T-34Cs and Texan IIs buzzing about when active.

Nice cut grassy areas for the foamies and biiiig paved runways for the nitros, big gassers and turbines!

I was really surprised that the Navy allows it in today's liability fear fueled world. They are VERY accommodating!

It IS awesome though and I feel like I am getting a little return on my tax dollars when I fly there!

They charge us $200 a year!

Sometimes we get little surprises like this!
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Jan 01, 2007 @ 10:46 AM | 8,400 Views
Fokker Eindecker built for slow flying or indoor flying.

The fuse is FFF, the wings and tail assy are 3mm Depron, Alum tubing and CF rods for the wing struts and spars.

Running an E-Flite Park 250 with a 7x4 APC on a 2s 400mAh PQ li-po, E-Flite 10A ESC, Blue Bird sub-micro servos an a Berg micro stamp Rx. 4oz AUW minus batt! My lightest build by far.

Maidened ROG at the house and with just a few clicks was floating around great! The 250 was perfect but I never went above about 50% t. Cruising at around 25% t. Power to spare to put it mildly, too much for this model really.

The gym flying was next and went great as well but a single court gym gets small quickly!

Very light and floaty.
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Nov 20, 2006 @ 01:06 AM | 9,107 Views
Here are a couple of cool vids from the 2006 Blue Angels Homecoming show onboard NAS Pensacola.

F-18s and an A-10... Gotta love it!

A-10 bomb run with pyro!

F-18 3Ding!

Gonna toss in a few pics I thought worthy of sharing!...Continue Reading
Posted by WarrrEagle! | Sep 24, 2006 @ 02:41 AM | 8,251 Views
Thought I should post some pics for my blog since it was all empty and sad!

I am going to document my R/C Progression and the concurrent Obsession and just run through a bunch of pics!

I should note that I got my ABC and started this hobby less than 2 years ago! Addictive personality? Thankfully not regarding substances but apparently so regarding this hobby! ...Continue Reading