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U580 mtr vbr test (5 min 21 sec)


Proton motor

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Check out the brief discussion starting at 1:32 about the proton motor. Makes our electron motors sound like horse and buggy power

Dr. Kent Hovind October 7th Bible Study Mathew 15: 1-9 (25 min 55 sec)

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I found over the years that making up single purpose adaptors
was producing a considerable amount hardware to keep track of. Here is my solution.
The HiModel power distribution board converts to an excellent bench set up and trouble shooting tool for MR's and the various sub-systems they may incorporate.

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Hot soldering tips (1 min 36 sec)

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Another little project starter kit
Since the 2212 from my observation is the Chevy 350 of MR motors and there so many choices I decided conduct some tests and provide detailed observations of build and quality on each motor.
I'm going to give these motors (and any other 2212 MR motor that is asked about) for side by side in a control atmosphere. I will be using a 52A DC power supply to remove the battery variable as well as conducting the tests in with the same ESC and props. After this set of test I'll do some ESC swapping (with the popular brands ) with the same motor to recored what kind of differences the ESC has on motor performance on the bench, not necessary how well the ESC responds to the FC inputs. If any one has a 2212 they would like tested if it's a low cost motor I'll buy or if you want you can send it for testing and then unharmed it will be promptly returned.
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Starter kit
I'll be editing this post with detailed explanations but I'm hoping the pictures provide most of the explanation.
Note: The majority of the credit for this information goes to the RCG contributors in the RCG electric motor building and construction forum. I am no electrical wiz and I am sharing my technique for a particular motor that is easy and really benefits it's application in MR power. If it were not those that shared there knowledge and experience I would never have figured this out. Mathematically and mechanically many thousand of hours went into developing this technology and I thank all who helped bring this marvelous technology which "fits like a glove" to the RC industry. The physics is complex but with every thing figured out for us the actual execution of winding the motor is very easy and with a little practice this type of wind can be done while watching TV or other type similar activities as the pattern reveals the turn count and there so few turns it's hard to get wrong.

Note!! Removing the stator from the "block", "bearing tube" is a gentle process the large tools are NOT to be used to apply allot of force. The block is aluminum and will easily be damaged. In most cases it is only cosmetic and slipping is always possible. I will post two short videos to show the stator removal process and removing the windings. The windings when glued can present a bit of a challenge when removing as we don't want to...Continue Reading
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The following is a list of motors I own if you have any question about one feel free to ask. I'll be testing all of them and posting the results overtime. There is no particular order I'm doing this in.

Definition of a brushless motor: a group of parts ordered and made to some specification..... and an advertising campaign.
Workmanship, , quality of parts, constancy. vibration, weight, electrical measurments etc will be part of my observation.
I have quite a few motors so this will take some time to build.

Here's the first one. Have to finish up micro sizing my test rig as well so data will be forth coming.

DYS BE1806-13 Brushless Motor for Multirotor (2300KV) 24g

Four motor sample Kv tested on 3S at 2220Kv +/- 1%
Two of the four vibrated noticeably more than the other two which were very smooth.
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One small step for mankind one giant leap for Jasper. First FPV machine ready for maiden test flight with FPV gear installed.