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Posted by Buzz_Man | Mar 04, 2016 @ 01:49 PM | 3,831 Views

here are some recent photos of an airplane I bought, assembled, and flew

Posted by Buzz_Man | Dec 26, 2014 @ 01:13 PM | 4,503 Views

My schedule in Spring of 2015 allows me at least a three day weekend every week. I want to use some of my free time to accomplish the following activities. I may not be able to obtain all of these goals but these things interest me, these are a list of things I'd like to do in 2015.
  • FPV
I've already done this but I stopped. I have plenty of great equipment to restart these adventures and I plan on doing this not only with aircraft but also with rolling vehicles.
  • Hiking, Crawling, & Photography (HCP)
For a long time, I've dreamed of walking at least a mile from the car, or motorcyle - in the woods - and taking one of my crawlers with me. When I reach my destination, I set up the camera and start taking videos and still shots of the crawler in action. The concept of HCP is alluring because for years I've been fascinated by so many awesome photographers who capture scale crawlers in amazing photographs. I also like the idea of HCP because I love being outside in natural, wooded areas and I love getting exercise. Also, and in my opinion, scale crawlers are just cool - I love building them, I love tinkering with them, and of course, I love crawling with them on rocks, through mud pits, on trails - whatever.

I doubt I'll ever obtain "professional quality" images or videos but that's really not my goal. I just want to combine these three activities and see what I can come up with - have an excuse to get outside, get some exercise, have some fun in a
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Posted by Buzz_Man | Aug 23, 2014 @ 02:34 PM | 3,662 Views

I've had four crawlers before this one - it's probably been a couple of years since I sold my last one. I really wasn't planning on getting another one until I saw the videos from this incredibly talented guy (LINK). Not only are his video skills awesome but his ability to create gorgeous trucks is amazing and his driving skills are very impressive as well.

And I thought to myself, when it's too wet to fly or too windy, I love being outside and doing pretty much anything with r/c vehicles (airplanes, quad copters, and machines that roll on dirt) and his videos are great and it looks so much fun - so - now I'm going to build another crawler!

I've never gotten over zealous about realistic scale appearance but I might make this one look better than some of my others (won't take much - ha). My primary goal is just to have something I can use as an excuse to get outside and relax, something that will have decent crawl capability and of course, something that looks cool.

I'm not going to use the chassis that came with the kit - I plan on using the chassis rails from another truck and adding some home-brew mods. Not sure if I can pull off a good looking scaler but here goes anyway.

My builds are typically incredibly slow so don't get your hopes up in case you want to see the new machine in operation any time soon.

Hope everyone is having a phenomenal day!

Posted by Buzz_Man | Mar 21, 2014 @ 03:37 PM | 5,919 Views

Hello Everyone

A couple of years ago I had an HPI Savage Flux HP and I ran it on 4S

Although I've owned many r/c rolling vehicles, that was my first "monster truck" and that truck provided more fun than any other rolling vehicle I've ever owned - no kidding.

Three months ago, someone posted a link to a Tamiya 1/8 truggy kit sale and I thought the deal was too good to pass up so I bought a TRF801XT kit - I think I paid ~$99 which included delivery --> LINK (the deal is no longer available )

If anyone has ever witnessed the incredible durability of "decent quality" 1/8 racers, then you'll know why I picked this chassis as my platform. There's always a trade off between various types of performance: low is great for handling fast turns on a track but with the huge wheels & tires, I'm sacrificing that handling characteristic in favor of gaining very generous ground clearance - that's something monster trucks are known for: the large tires and higher ground clearance are significant contributors to the fun and appeal of these machines.

So, I believe I now have all the items needed to convert this chassis into, what I hope will be an amazing basher because that's what I enjoy doing the most with r/c vehicles.

Here's what I've selected for this machine:
  • Tamiya RC GP TRF801Xt 4x4 Racing Truggy kit, 1
  • RC Monster motor mount
  • Castle Creations CC Pinion MOD1 15T, 1
  • Castle Creations Castle Link USB Programming Kit, 1
  • Castle Creations
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Posted by Buzz_Man | Dec 15, 2013 @ 11:41 AM | 8,960 Views

Here are the settings for my Armattan M332 quad which uses the KK2 flight controller and my Spektrum DX7 radio.

The quad was setup by Chris and was delivered from Armattan Quads this way.

The quad flies like a dream - excellent flight characteristics.
PLEASE NOTE: I reverse the toggle on my radio so the "down" position for the gear switch is "auto level off" - just a personal preference that is probably not the usual switch setting for the auto level feature on/off
Apologies because some of the images are a little blurry - regardless, it seems everything is still legible

I hope someone finds this helpful

Fly safe, fly often - enjoy it!

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Posted by Buzz_Man | Sep 15, 2013 @ 07:48 PM | 6,812 Views

Last year I purchased some FPV equipment but made lots of mistakes, got frustrated, began spending more time doing other stuff and quit - sold all my stuff.

About two months ago, I got another set of FPV equipment and I have total confidence this time I'll be successful. I began my new FPV adventures using a home-made wooden H-quad (photos below). This thing, ready to fly, was ~1438g and it flew "okay" but I believe it was a little underpowered. After flying it in the backyard via LOS I began testing my FPV system and it was incredibly cool - lots of fun.

I knew I had to fly in a large field so on Labor Day, my wife and I went to a gigantic field available for public use. Nobody was there and I began flying. It was incredibly challenging - nothing like I'd ever experienced before and nothing like I thought it would be. Suffice to say, I am not a "natural" at FPV.

At the end of my first real FPV flights, I was flying around and in between trees, having a great time discovering it was really easier to keep the quad flying with speed rather than trying to putter around slowly with great precision like I'd been trying before.

I never had any crashes but we had to leave early because she stepped in an ant pile and . . . wasn't fun from that point forward.

So, believing my wooden H-quad was a tad underpowered, I transferred all my FPV equipment to another quad, an Armattan CNC 355. I just returned from flying it in the back yard and
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Posted by Buzz_Man | Feb 17, 2013 @ 09:04 PM | 3,883 Views
A couple of years ago I purchased an HPI Savage Flux HP. I always had a really great time with that machine. There is an open lot close to where I live that has a nice variety of open space, jumps, and interesting terrain. I used to drive that truck there for hours but for some reason, I sold the Savage and a few months ago I got the itch for another bashing machine.

I didn't want another HPI - and after having four HPI vehicles, two on-road, two off-road, I don't have a desire to ever get another one. I wondered if the "ultimate basher" was really out there or if it would simply require taking an E-Maxx, or something similar, and modifying the hell out of it in order to get the performance and durability I was looking for.

Then, I believe I discovered the holy grail of bashers: the Losi Muggy! I found one online that had been converted to e-power and so I bought it. I also have a future destiny planned for this vehicle that involves performing autonomous robotic sorties but that's for another blog entry, not now.

Well, tonight I tossed on some street tires and put the Muggy on the pavement and wow, was that fun! These wheels and tires are incredibly tiny compared to the two sets of wheels and tires that came with the vehicle (one large set, and one gigantic set).

I'm looking forward to more mayhem but for now, the machine is operational and thus far, I couldn't be happier with it. The dirt slinging, long jumps and frantic sliding will begin very soon! Stay tuned for more . . .
Posted by Buzz_Man | Jul 08, 2012 @ 10:49 AM | 6,495 Views

My history with multi-rotor aircraft has involved only quads.

First Quad --> A used Gaui 300X-S.

Second Quad --> I built one from scratch using fairly inexpensive motors & ESC's, but included a good frame (LINK) and a decent control board (LINK).

Third Quad --> I was captivated by this company so I bought their all aluminum frame (LINK) and used another FY-90Q controller with these motors (this quad and build was described in an earlier blog here at rcgroups).

I'm currently building my fourth quad:
Frame --> HT-FPV (LINK)
Motors & ESC's --> Gens Ace (LINK)
Flight Controller --> DJI Naza (LINK)

The wiring harness is "done." Maybe I'm just incredibly slow but this took me about two hours to create from start to finish. The two JST taps are for either the voltage alarm system, LED lighting system, &/or when testing FPV equipment (actual FPV system has its own, separate power supply)

I realize the "Steps to Building A Quadcopter" is incomplete, probably needs to be rearranged, and could never adequately provide everything for everyone. It's just a sketch, a "visual checklist" of the steps that are or could be necessary when building a quad copter.
Posted by Buzz_Man | Jun 17, 2012 @ 08:14 AM | 7,471 Views
Yesterday (Saturday, 16-Jun-2012), I went to the garage and came out with a camera mount for my GoPro (photos below). It was phenomenal to finally get home and watch the videos which came out much better than I had anticipated.

If anyone hasn't done this yet, I'd highly recommend it. I will be trying to figure out how to edit the 2GB of video I have into a brief, enjoyable presentation but for now, here are a few screen shots from the videos.

Hope you enjoy . . . happy flyin'
Posted by Buzz_Man | Sep 01, 2010 @ 03:54 AM | 4,980 Views
“Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.” pope paul VI

My brother in law died recently. About a year ago he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and his health steadily deteriorated to the point where he was in constant, progressing pain. For obvious reasons, he decided to end his life on his terms.

Of course, when things like this happen "near home," and I take time to reflect upon where my life is going, and consider what I'm doing, then I start becoming more optimistic. The trivial annoyances we all deal with don't really seem to bother me as much. When I begin implementing a "positive perspective" towards the future, the things I want to do seem much more clearly envisioned, more important, many things become essential rather than remaining wishful.

The shelf where all my "Someday I'm Gonna" trophies are kept is getting dusted off. These icons are strategically being placed in locations sure to provide reminders, to promote positive attitude and encourage balance in "priority thinking and doing." I'm planning a ride to Colorado on my motorcycle to see the Rockies and ride in the mountains and through deserts in Arizona. It's a lifelong dream and, unless I make it happen, I know it never will.

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