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Posted by Crash Hancock | Dec 28, 2010 @ 03:42 PM | 3,615 Views
2010 In Review, Pt 2

Sometimes an hour is just not enough time to cover all of the materials we want to, so in this week's 99th installment we'll pick up where we left off with last week's show.

Did you get some really cool swag for CHRISTmas? If so, SEND ME SOME PICS! LOL

With this show, we bring 2010 to a close. May each and every one of you enjoy a happy, healthy, and safe New Year, and may 2011 off you more properity than you know how to handle. We'll be back in a week, or two, with our 100th episode! Woot!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

Catch the show HERE
Posted by Crash Hancock | Dec 19, 2010 @ 09:43 PM | 3,749 Views
2010 In Review

Hey, gang! I'm traveling today enroute to the grand state of Michigan to visit my family for CHRISTmas (wish me luck! LOL). Tim and I were, however, able to make some time to discuss some of the things that made 2010 a great year for us. There have been lots of great events; we've enjoyed many successes and accomplishments, and there have been too many new products hit the market this year to possibly cover (but we sure try!). We hope you enjoy this 98th installment.

This will be my last opportunity to wish you all the best for this holiday season. I hope that you all remember the "reason" for the season, and may Santa bring you all of the goodies on your lists!

Catch the show in iTunes (TheCrashCast), or you can download the file direct from my website.
Posted by Crash Hancock | Dec 12, 2010 @ 04:59 PM | 4,086 Views
PhlatBoyZ - A Look Back At 2010

In this 97th installment, I interview the PhlatBoyZ one last time for 2010. Join us as we look at the evolution of their product line this year and try to peer just a bit into the future! You may notice that there's no Dorsal in this podcast. I am sorry to have to report that he's been stricken with some medical problems that prohibit him from doing the show. What a crummy time of the year to be down! Dennis, I'll be thinking some good thoughts for your speedy recovery, bud!


Hance's G480 Build Pics (Front Page News Presently)

Melbourne FD Using Some Quad Technology (Thanks, Matt!)

Stef Flying His New TriWii-Copter In A Bit Of A Breeze


PhlatForum (The place to find all the cool stuff we discuss this week)

Oopsie! Our show this week ran a little long and I totally forgot to mention an addendum to our "Dear Santa" list that we talked about last week! Our buddy and long-time listener, RCDude07, has a few really nice things on his CHRISTmas list...

Dear Santa,

I'm a newlywed and new home owner this Christmas, so you know I don't have a lot of money and time to enjoy my hobby. So if you could give me more time in the week to fly and more money to spend, that would be awesome! However, I'd really like to have the Spektrum DX8, Blade mSR BNF, Ultra Micro Beast, and/or the new Ultra Micro X Extra 300 BNF.

As nice as those would be, I'd even settle for a field box, glow fuel, engine starter, glow plug, battery charger, and tools. As you know I'm on my own now for R/C flying and I don't have the support tools. After years of sharing with my dad as I grew up, I didn't realize how much was needed!

I've been good. I try to help all I can via RealFlight sessions, while at the field, flying at the local park, and on all the forums. So I think I deserve something from my list.

Been a good guy,

You can pick up the links for this week's show HERE!
Posted by Crash Hancock | Dec 06, 2010 @ 12:15 PM | 3,878 Views
All I Want For CHRISTmas...

Well, the Holiday Season is upon us and, after our personal updates, Dennis, Tim, and I each share what's on our wishlists to Santa this year (as well as some listener lists, too). Additionally, you'll hear me talk about cutting MDF on my new Phlatty, you'll hear about some new feats in the full-scale aviation arena, and the RCadvisor will tell us about how we'll know when our design project goals have been fulfilled.


Flying Buggy

An Electric Home-built Takes Flight

Dear Santa,

We hope you have had a great year this year and are ready for eating LOTS of milk and cookies during your trip around the world this CHRISTmas. I hope you're not working those elves too hard!

Leo wants a brand new HK600GT helicopter to take his skills to the next level. Santa, would you happen to know a good, reasonably priced power system for one of these helis? Maybe your elves will know, huh. He would also enjoy someone putting in a local hobby shop in the St Augustine Florida area.

Hance just wants some warmer weather so he can fly more, so if you should happen to bump into that Jack Frost character, could you ask him to lay off with the cold weather just abit? If not, he could prolly use some coal in his stocking to help him stay WARM!

Dennis has been a really good boy this year and would really like an E-Flite Blade mSR to help him get into helicopter flying. Oh, and if it's not too much to ask, could he also get an FPV system?...Continue Reading