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Posted by Crash Hancock | Jan 31, 2010 @ 01:20 PM | 3,109 Views
Selector Knobs, Paint Guns, And Rusty Bearings

There's lots of cool information in this week's show, including the first installment of a new segment we're trying out - Ask The RCadvisor! Carlos Reyes (Mr. RCadvisor, himself) will be joining us on a regular basis to answer your RC-related questions, so if you've been seeking the fountain of wisdom, your search is now over!

Check out the show's blog page for this week's links!
Posted by Crash Hancock | Jan 24, 2010 @ 12:22 PM | 3,091 Views
Go Fly A Kite!

This week you get to listen to all three of us knuckleheads (me, Dorsal, and IFLYOS) ramble on about various things. We answer a listener's email about how we go about selecting a power system for a new project, and we clue you in on a special "Ask The RCAdvisor" segment that we hope to introduce next week!

Are you tired of the same old designs composed of balsa, foam, balsa and foam, foam and balsa, more foam, balsa, etc? LOL Well, how about just abandoning those old mediums? GO FLY A KITE! (An RC Kite, that is!)

Way too many links to post here, so why not check them all out on the show's Blog Page?
Posted by Crash Hancock | Jan 17, 2010 @ 03:29 PM | 3,124 Views
Hangin' With The Advisor

This week we're honored to have an old friend back in the workshop with us - Mr. Carlos Reyes from Carlos spent the Fall of 2009 working on a very interesting project. You'll want to give this show a listen to get a glimpse into what kinds of considerations are made when designing aircraft for a specific purpose like UAV! Also, Carlos teases us a bit regarding some upcoming projects in his backlog. Do I smell another book? Hmmm...

Also, be sure to check out the Steals Of The Week over at my support site -!
Posted by Crash Hancock | Jan 10, 2010 @ 06:19 PM | 3,464 Views
A New Year And A PhlatBoyZ Update

Hey gang, we're back! After a peaceful 2 week break (actually, I've been ill and trying to get my voice back for the last 2 weeks! LOL), we get a chance to visit with the PhlatBoyZ to find out what all they've been up to as well as see what their plans are for this new year.

I added an interesting goody in the Steals Of The Week section over at AllThingsCrash, as well as an article on 4 Axis Hot-Wire CNC Machines that so many of our listeners have been asking about, so pop over and check this stuff out!