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Posted by Crash Hancock | Nov 30, 2009 @ 12:29 AM | 3,855 Views
Pylon Princess

This week's show is a special one in that we get to meet an incredible young lady active on the RC scene. Kimberly Panos (Pylon Princess) tells us all about the E-200 class of pylon racing that she and her husband, Mark, helped to organize with the Utah Valley Aeromodelers. As if RC Pylon Racing wasn't already enough to impress everyone in this male-dominated hobby, Kim is also an RC Heli pilot as well as a full scale pilot!

If your club is looking to come together in the spirit of competition with some Pylon racing, give this show a listen - there's lots of great info!

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Posted by Crash Hancock | Nov 22, 2009 @ 10:32 PM | 3,702 Views
Lucky Episode #46

In this installment, Guru Aviation is the topic of discussion. It's me, Tim, and Chris Carnes talking all about the wares this new online supplier of foam-flavored heavenly goodness offers. Anybody for a 3D performer that requires ABSOLUTELY ZERO carbon fiber for structural reinforcement? If so, the Lucky Yak and King 260 are the planes for you!

Guys, while our ladies are away spending all that hard-earned cash on Black Friday sales this week, do your part to support your hobby and our nation's economy with Black Friday RC sales! I'll be posting what I find on the Steals Of The Week section at AllThingsCrash very soon!

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Posted by Crash Hancock | Nov 15, 2009 @ 07:38 PM | 3,572 Views
November PhlatBoyZ Update

In this installment, Tim and I get to visit with Mark and Trish of PhlatBoyZ fame to discover what all they've been up to in the last few weeks. It turns out, they've been quite busy! Amongst other things discussed, it looks like we'll be getting another PhlatScript very soon.

We also get to throw out some news about an up and coming JR offering! We'll get you more on this as information becomes available.

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Posted by Crash Hancock | Nov 09, 2009 @ 01:10 PM | 3,754 Views

In this show, Tim gives a full report on the Fighter Flight Against Cancer Fly-In. You may recall from last week's show that this event serves as a memorial to the late Mr. Kenneth Martin, as well as honors others that are fighting (or have fought and lost) the dreaded battle against various forms of cancer. Check the link on my website ( for information on how you may also contribute to this event!

Thanks go out to Phil (pval3 on RCG) for turning us on to a supplier of hot-wire cut foam wing cores that are based on the old injection-molded cores that ACE RC used to provide. These core sets were the foundation for many scratch-built planes over the years, including many design by the late Mr. Fred Reese.

Of course, we talked about some other stuff, but I'm too lazy to sum it up here, so check out the links on my podcast's blog page.
Posted by Crash Hancock | Nov 01, 2009 @ 09:05 PM | 3,956 Views
A King, A Ripper, And A Boycott

While one co-host is away (reluctantly), another steps in this week to warm his seat. IFLYOS (remember him from waaaay back on our 23rd show, RadioActive!?) will be filling in for Dorsal the next few weeks bringing us news from all points in the Eastern Seaboard (well, kinda).

If you have a line on a Ripper or Shredder kit from Lanier RC, or some information to help me recreate them, please email me!

Has my talk of a boycott spurred your desire to lend some support? The contact info I mentioned during the show is: (800) 654-0688, ext. 76567 (Virginia). Feel free to reference complaint # 5529177.

As always, head over to TheCrashCast for links mentioned in this show!