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Posted by Crash Hancock | May 25, 2009 @ 01:18 PM | 2,750 Views
Sunburns And Aloe

In this installment, Dorsal and I discuss what all we've been up to lately in the last week. Not really anything special - just a general BS session. Be sure to check out 2DogRC on Memorial Day to find out all of the details for "Operation Secret Squirrel "!

Also, check out the Steals Of The Week section at AllThingsCrash for our deals this week!
Posted by Crash Hancock | May 18, 2009 @ 01:27 AM | 3,103 Views
Club Planes

This show is all about the subject of "Club Planes" like the one I used to stir things up in my club back in 1996. A project like this offers the perfect opportunity for your club's seasoned veterans to teach the newbs the ins and outs of building RC planes, as well as opening the door for tons of fun! I'll post pics of my QSC 40 as soon as I can get a spare moment, or two. I'm hoping to work up plans for it and share them with the world sometime this summer.

Also, I'm giving a shout out to the DLG enthusiasts out there regarding a plane I'm interested in getting to see if I like this kind of flying. Feel free to email me if you have any comments about this bird, whether good or bad.

We'll talk with you again next week!
Posted by Crash Hancock | May 11, 2009 @ 05:36 PM | 2,868 Views
Burned Pop Tarts

In our 18th installment, you'll learn all about "Burned Pop Tarts", as well as some additional comments on covering your new creation. As well, Dorsal tells us how he's planning to use info from the AMA to help secure a flying site in his neck of the woods.

Happy Mother's Day, ladies! As a retired gent now serving time as a Stay At Home Dad to two daughters (ages 3 and 7), I totally understand and appreciate all that you do!
Posted by Crash Hancock | May 07, 2009 @ 01:26 AM | 3,323 Views
PhlatBoyZ Visit

The title says it all - in this 17th installment, the PhlatBoyZ drop by to share what all they've been up to since the Toledo RC Expo and give us a little news about the soon-to-be-released PhlatPrinter MKII. Mark and Trish also tell us about a new CNC driver board that should be of interest to all CNC hobbyists, as well as folks that are into robotics! Can you imagine NOT having to be tied to a Parallel Port anymore, or even having to run a front-end CAM program like Mach3? That's what's in the works!

I am not only pleased with the content in this episode, but also the sound quality. This is my first time to run a true conference call in Skype and all of the homework I did payed off in sound quality and balance! I hope you enjoy the show!

Sorry, no Steals Of The Week were discovered, but watch my website, AllThingsCrash , as this is where I post great offers I find as soon as I find them!