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Posted by rich56ia | May 16, 2009 @ 03:49 PM | 4,486 Views
Its been a tough year health wise so thinking of thinning out the fleet and have taken up helicoptors in a bigger way as I can handle these with less physical needs.

Going to let go the CR Raptor 2 meter next week and see what kinda price it can bring along with a 2 meter laser I think.

Life is short,fly all you can.

Club had their spring sailplane contest this weekend-5-16--5-17.Lots of wind saturday for the 2 meter-RES contest with wind over 25 but no major accidents. Lots of good pilots with Mike Fox, Terry Edmonds attending, Terry flew the new Sprit which looked really good. I didn't get the results for sat as I chased down the chute with the ATV for everyone and didn't fly but watched some great flying by all.
Sunday unlimited and RES was another great day with no winds and cool temps. Tons of Zeniths, Pike Perfets, AVA's flying all over but the local flyers did real well with Wyan Mesner winning unlimited the 2nd weekend in a row and John Lindsey wining RES, scores when avalible. I flew and claimed the tail of the list as it was my first flights of the year as health problems have kept me inside, but injoyed the weekend very much.
Posted by rich56ia | May 04, 2009 @ 11:11 AM | 5,006 Views
Bought this off ebay early last year, a finished ket with all hardware removed and some minor blems. Its a rebuild of Brian Agnew's 2 meter sloper.Obechee over foam wings and ele, framed wood rudder. Strange finish on the wings,not sure if its paint and urethane on top or what but its peels off. Refinish job for next winter maybe.
No flights yet as my health has kept me indoors for a couple months. Nerve damage to legs.

Airfoil is anE387 on the wings
Stab is SD8020
Installed wing harness
Weight says finished weight is 42oz-I lightened this up to 36oz.

Flaps have Jr 341
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