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Posted by rich56ia | Apr 16, 2008 @ 01:42 PM | 5,423 Views
BIL's been working with router and a program that cuts faces out from a BMP picture. While cutting it seemed to loss its settings for 0 and by the end it was 1/2" out alignment. After some fiddling and checking he figured out that the picture program was asking it to cut it at a high resolution that the machine isn't capable of which is .05. After reseting everything and getting the resolution down to .05 seemed to work fine.

3-15-08 Installed limit switchs and BIL is making up a hold down system that should cover the whole area and any size materal.

04-15-08 Recieved lumber for a shed to house the router and started layout but with a small yard and the set backs requied by code biggest it can be is 14'X12'.
Will be a slow build as Im disabled and need alot of help getting it built but with the help of family and friends should be in it by winter 08.
Thanks All