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Posted by rich56ia | Mar 29, 2008 @ 11:31 AM | 5,137 Views
Thought I would give a more detailed account of how they get you on the boat in a orderly and fast manner.
We departed from the port of Miami and was bused from the hotel to the port. Upon arrivel at the port, porters take your luggauge and get it to the right ship, make sure you use the ships baggage lables properly so you get your luggage promply, generlly the suite cases show up to your room by 10PM the day you board. Getting on the ship is just like flying, they run everything and you thru a Xray machine to look for the normal contraban, don't even attempt to bring on booze, it will be confiscated and kept untill the last night before arrive back at home port. You can get a few-1 6 pack of soda/pop on with you but even that is iffy. They check all passports and ID's rather quickly and get your picture taken for your onboard ID card which you will use for everything on the ship. Anything not included in your cruise price like drinks, water and meals get charged to your room as an onboard charge which can run up rather quickly if you arn't paying attention. A family from Norway which we met on the flight home ran up a $5000 charge for their 5 day cruise.Needless to say Dad was alittle upset.
Getting off the ship is a orderly manner also so listen to the annoucements and follow directions, don't get into big a hurry and its a pleasent experance.

One thing we did learn was that when asked if you wanted Avian water with your dinner or any other time, that bottle will...Continue Reading
Posted by rich56ia | Mar 25, 2008 @ 09:34 PM | 5,833 Views
Here's my cnc router project, most the work was done by my RCI maintinace brother in law.
We used the hobbyCNC 3 AXI driver boards-heres the build thread that I followed.

The hardest problem with the hobby board is getting good solder points, we had to go over the board twice to resolder bad connections but we had it up in running in good time.

Just starting the run of the machine so a ton to learn, workng with DeskNC for the g-code and autocad or Ecad, both very complex programs so a huge learning curve.

Oct 9 2008
Got the cnc machine home in the basement and set up but because of health problems I havnt been able to use it so thinking of selling it or letting my local club members use if for thier projects. With my medical problems I dought I will be able to use it in the future.
Its been a long summer with many health challanges.
Rich ...Continue Reading