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Posted by gp125racer | Mar 15, 2008 @ 03:47 AM | 9,564 Views
I got this kit here on rcgroups along with an a7 corsair. I really want to build the corsair more, but these kits are kinda hard to get and the corsair is more complicated of a build, so I figured this was a great starting point.

The kit itself is very very fragile. The overall looks of this plane suffered a bit as I taped basicly every inch of the inside and bottom of the airframe. I reinforced the wings with a round carbon rod running the length of the trailing edge. Also the leading edge of the horizontal stab has a carbon rod running the length of it as well. This helped tremendously, but I cant imagine it would be half as strong with out the reinforced packing tape all over.

The only part that really gave me grief was the tail feathers. They are designed to droop downwards (anheidral??) but they do not specify a specific angle so I just tlar that step.

All that remains is to cut out the exhaust outlet and glue into place, and mount up the fan. Im waiting on an adapter for the littlescreamer motor as the 2mm one provided wont easily fit onto the 3mm motor shaft I have.

* 25A Cheap UH ESC
* LittleScreamer JetScreamer motor
* 2 hs-55 servos (elevators)
* 9g UH cheapy servos (ailerons)
* wemotec microfan (youll need an adapter for this setup, PM termite or
wilson co)
* 3s 1350mah 15-20c packs (waiting on them in the mail)

Ill take a few pics outside if the sun comes out tomorrow.
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Posted by gp125racer | Mar 09, 2008 @ 12:08 AM | 6,219 Views
I figured Id go ahead and compile some pics Ive got (thanks Jon!) of the GWS a4 I put together recently. She flies well really nice and stable.
Posted by gp125racer | Feb 22, 2008 @ 05:00 AM | 7,439 Views
To me, very few planes visually represent the 21st century as well as the F-22. Its great payload capability combined with blazing speed, fuel economy, and the agility of a fighter makes for an unbeatable combination. And it looks good too!

Ever since I first saw a vectored thrust jet fly, Ive tried to envision what a dogfight between two skilled pilots in a jet equipped with it would look like. Then one sunday morning out at the field, I got to see my dogfight. A couple of fellas picked up a f-117 and f-22 kits from Dave at rcsuperpowers. Man did they look cool. Ill admit, Ive never been a big fan of pusher-prop jets. I mean its a jet it shouldnt have a prop! These things really changed my mind. The sound and the performance were just really cool. I knew at that point I had to have one.

Dave @ rcsuperpowers ( recommends/requires the following goodies:
  • 3+ channel radio w/ receiver
  • 4 servos (hs-56)
  • Park 400 size outruner
  • 6x4 prop (anything from 4-7 can be used)
  • 3s 1000-1800mah battery
  • 1 "Y" cable for elevator servos
  • 3 servo extension cables
* Wing Span: 22in
* Wing Area: 245.995 SQIN / 1.7083 SQFT
* Length: 30in
* Weight (foam only): 3.4oz

Ill try and take as many pics as I can. Please see the pics below. #1 pic is top left. #2 pic is middle top row, #3 pic is top right row etc.
  • Kit contents as arrived (pic 1)
  • Kit contents unpackaged (pic 2)
  • Scrap Foam.
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Posted by gp125racer | Feb 17, 2008 @ 05:37 AM | 7,294 Views
I just had to build this thing after Id seen Errol fly it out at the field on a few occasions. I also picked up the vector thrust f-22

Dave is an awesome fella, and I cant say enough for how cool of a build this was. Im normally frustrated on at least a few occasions on a build, and on this one I wasnt at all. As a matter of fact, I kept telling my self, wow I wish they were all this easy.

I need to put in order in for another motor etc, then Ill build the f-22.

Kit: Rcsuperpowers f-117 (
Motor: Towerpro 2409-12
ESC: Towerpro 25A
Prop: APC 6x4
Batt: 3s 1600 15C

Build time was approx. 6hrs with soldering, cleanup, etc. (this was also my first build of this nature).

Ill maiden her tomorrow......
Posted by gp125racer | Feb 06, 2008 @ 05:07 PM | 4,873 Views
So I learned a valuable lesson today (AGAIN!).

After yet another great flight with the corsair, I noted the wind was picking up. I thought to myself, I should ust pack it up and head home I have work to-do anyways. So what did I do........

I launched it into the headwind, which promptly gusted up and pushed the nose of the plane down towards terrafirma. I paniced and while trying to get my fingers back onto the sticks, I bumped down elevator

The prop struck and shattered right as I managed to pull back stick, which inturn caused a dizzying spin back towards the deck. I winced as I saw foam pieces fly in all directions, and I knew this would be the end of my lucky gallon. Upon arrival of the crash scene I noted the wing was now a 3 piece setup, the motor had departed the fuse and the cowling had exploded.

After collecting the pieces, while heading home I had a thought. See if you can repair it just to prove to yourself the foamies can be brought back from the dead. So it was a challenge to myself, how quickly could I repair the beast.

It took all of 1hr 15mins. I love foamies. They fit my needs so well
Posted by gp125racer | Feb 04, 2008 @ 04:05 AM | 5,173 Views
I picked up an adrenalin-II from a member of the boards here butch777.

When I picked up the bird, I was fortunate enough to get to see his teriffik, which this is identical too. It gave me lots of pointers as well as this thread where shhhhh! gives a wonderful pictoral (great thread) .

The build looks pretty straight forward but it was really challenging for me. The hardest part was the unusual (to me) tail linkage, and the hardware for the aileron linkage.

Everything is done with the exception of motor (on its way from UH), and final mounting of the receiver. Then Ill balance it and hopefully not lawn dart it into the ground like the last one
Posted by gp125racer | Jan 24, 2008 @ 01:23 PM | 5,537 Views
After doing some research and building my Adrealine Rush, I decided I wanted to scratch build a simple400 or a slipso. As the plans are free and readily available on the pldaniels website (as well as build tips), I opted to build the slipso400 first.

Ive yet to decide on a power system, but it will be brushless for certain.

The first step was printing out the plans and assembling them. It took about 30 minutes of trimming and alignment. Pic #1 is the printed plans.

From there I needed to decide how to cut out the parts. Some suggested ironing the plans onto the balsa, but I dont feel like I could pull that off with out warpage. So I decided making templates from wax paper tracings were the best approach. I spent about 45mins tracing and cutting with my exacto knife to get the wing, formers, and stabs cutout. Pic #2 shows my templates.

I built the tail out of 2 pieces of 1/16" balsa instead of the single 2.4mm called for.

Heres where Im at right now (Pic #3). Im hoping to work on cutting the wing and start shaping it tonight.
Posted by gp125racer | Jan 21, 2008 @ 05:04 AM | 5,249 Views
I got my adrealine rush in the mail the other day. I purchased some goodies for it online. I recently discovered aeromicro in Santa Clara. Perry is an awesome guy, and his shop kicks butt!

Heres the setup Im going to run on the rush:

* 2s Thunder Power 800mah
* Medua 5300kv motor
* ar6100 receiver
* phoenix 10A ESC

Ill post some pics of it when I get her done. Im hoping to finish her up tomorrow.

EDIT: Just finalized my radio install, and the AUW is 4.875oz

Posted by gp125racer | Jan 18, 2008 @ 01:34 PM | 4,835 Views
Ive been playing around with paint lately, and heres my first attempt with my heli.

Next time, I will trim the canopy first, and let it dry longer between sandings.

Posted by gp125racer | Jan 17, 2008 @ 04:23 AM | 4,576 Views
OK, so I guess Ill follow suit and post up pics of my fleet of planes as well.

As you can see, Ive mainly focused on GWS style foam kits as they are affordable, fly great, and easy to build. Heres a list of the planes/heli in the order I built / acquired them.

* GWS Islander (BN-2 - Yellow Plane):
Once I decided to get back into planes, I decided I had to have a plane that suited my favorite type of flight, small commercial aircraft. Its currently running on a stock brushed setup on nicad batteries. She has seen her fair share of emergency landings.

* GWS Formosa (frankenmosa - white white checkboarding):
After I crashed the islander a few times, and realized a twin wasnt the best training aircraft, I decided on the formosa with the help of a friend Id met out at lagoon valley. Powered by 3s lipos, 25A ESC, and a 2409-12 budget outrunner make this plane a blast to fly. Flies smooth fast or slow.

* Great Planes Lancair (white/purple plane):
On a whim my wife purchased this plane for me. Ive still got the GWS 3900kv inrunner sitting around waiting to be used in it. This plane is still awaiting its maiden. Its just too pretty to fly for me yet

* Align T-rex 450se v1 (blue canopy heli):
I was bit by the helicopter bug, and I just cant believe how much fun there things are! I owe much of my heli skills to my flying buddies, as they help my build/tweak the heli. I recently started some basic 3d tricks, and am very excited. Powered by 3s, on an aon motor,...Continue Reading
Posted by gp125racer | Jan 13, 2008 @ 05:02 AM | 6,808 Views
After I saw my buddy jamesdr fly his gws corsair, Ive always wanted one. The plane just flies so smoothly and it looks so good in flight.

I picked up a GWS f4u corsair kit (NPS, white) a while back in the for sale section here on the boards. Based on my previous experience with the formosa, and seeing the plane fly out at the field, I knew the UnitedHobbies 2409-12 was the right motor for the job.

After reading about the "lucky gallon", I knew I had to have a paint scheme like that, but I cant paint to say the least (if youve seen my planes you know this to be true . I poked around on the forums a bit, and read up on airbrushing. Ive already got a compressor w/ regulator so I just picked up a cheapy badger airbrush starter kit ($35 or so at michaels), and some apple barrell acrylic paint. I didnt get pictures along the way but Ill detail what I did and post photos of the end result.

Day 1:
I verified the contents of the kit, and noted everything was present. I love gws kits . I then sanded every piece with 340 grit sandpaper (smooth). Once that was done, I hit every piece with 400 and it really ended up nice. If you held up a piece that hadnt been touched with sandpaper and one that had, there was a night and day differnece.

Day 2:
Took advantage of working with computers and worked from home, but strangely I ended up at michaels and wal-mart looking for supplies. I picked up a can of minwax spray polycrylic. That hurt at $12.99, but its ok ot...Continue Reading
Posted by gp125racer | Oct 25, 2007 @ 10:06 PM | 3,994 Views
* Align Toolset (3pc set)
* Thunder Power 205 balancer
* Ball-link pliers
* HG-65mg servos (3x)
* Stand for dx7
* Thumb gromets for dx7
* small align case (lipo carrier)
* canopy
* canopy grommets
* 1 rubber belt
* 1 plastic belt
* tail blades (regular plastic)
Posted by gp125racer | Sep 27, 2007 @ 12:54 AM | 4,251 Views
So for some reason Ive been bit by the helicopter bug.

After doing some research, and purchasing a bare chassis, I ran across another local guy that has lots of knowledge about rc helis. So far Ive managed to decipher the instructions that came with the bird (450xl), and got most of it together.

I still dont know if the flybar is connected correctly see the photos below and advise if you will. The part that the flybar slides thru is snugly locked down, but the flybar slides in and out of the head very easily. Maybe with the weight of the main blades this will disappear??

I have a 400lf motor coming that I plan to plug in, and Im planning to get a 401 gyro and hitec servos. Whatever I can find cheapest for radio gear.

Posted by gp125racer | Sep 08, 2007 @ 06:19 AM | 4,049 Views
Ive got the Lancair about 95% complete now. I ended up using a 3900kv GWS inrunner, it was a direct bolt-in replacement.

The esky receiver thats in her now is just for mockup purposes as I just dont feel comfortable using this RX in such a nice plane. Ive ordered 2 hitec electron 6s, so Im hoping those will do the trick. Hopefully Ill be able todo some taxi tests tomorrow after I get the servo extensions and deans connectors hooked up.

I really enjoyed building this plane, there were a few things that gave me grief. Im still learning but heres some of the things I thought could be improved IMO:

* better fit of wingtips
* rear slot for control linkage not large enough from factory
* expected to trim servo tab to flush mount wing servo
* no precut slot for control linkage in fuse

Things I reall enjoyed about the kit:
* laser cut parts were great fit
* overall look is really really nice
* steerable nose gear assembly was fun, and works well

Thanks as usual to jamesdr for technical asistance and moral support.
Posted by gp125racer | Aug 28, 2007 @ 03:40 PM | 4,869 Views
My newest addition to the fleet, saw it while wandering thru the hobbyshop.

For $100, with the ESC, motor, battery, and fiberglass fuse I was impressed. Build quality is top notch and the paint looks very nice as well. Im planning on using a brushless inrunner (GWS??) that will mate up with the stock gearbox. This will be my first inrunner/gearbox setup so Im looking forward to it.

It just so happens, at the flying field I saw the electriplanes seawind maiden. Very very smooth looking once in the air ... very scale. Jamesdr told me it handles very similar to the lancair .... man I cant wait

If anyone has any recommendations for a power plant Im all ears

Posted by gp125racer | Aug 28, 2007 @ 03:29 PM | 3,603 Views
And ready for my first covering attempt! I need to be more precise with the amount of glue Im using. It really shows and is a nightmare to sand down.

Total weight is right about 1.6 ounces so far, which I think 1/2 of is glue
Posted by gp125racer | Aug 22, 2007 @ 04:38 AM | 3,891 Views
I managed to finish up the wing tonight. I would of finifhed it last night had it not been for that power outage. Even as a first build the wing went together easily. It will be nice to build some of the newer laser cut kits as the fit should be much better than the parts out of this older guillows. A lot of trimming and sanding is neccasary for each part before gluing. Heres a few shots of the wing halves and a few other random shots from my vacation over the last week.
Posted by gp125racer | Aug 20, 2007 @ 01:30 PM | 4,536 Views
Ive wanted to build a kit for quite a while now, but Ive always looked at it as a daunting task. In my efforts to achieve a level of building profiency that will allow me to build more advanced kits, I decided Id build a Guillows Aeronca and cover it with Microlight cover. Its been fun todo the fuselage so far, Ive got 1 last piece and 2 or 3 more stringers on the fuse then its onto the wing.

This plane will be for display purposes only as Im not interested in spending the $$$ required to make it light enough to fly well. Another reason Im not interested in making it a flying model is the fact that Ive yet to see a day wind wise in which it would allow me to fly it easily.

Heres some pics. I modified the center portion of the fuse to include a "deck" that would allow servo mounting and battery storage etc if one wanted to make it a flyable craft.
Posted by gp125racer | Aug 13, 2007 @ 01:59 AM | 4,041 Views
So today was the day. It was time to maiden the franken-mosa .... I mean the formosa. I arrived out at the field and it was a little windy for my liking but for some odd reason the wind died down to an acceptable level. Jim (jamesdr), was there to assist me with my maiden. He gave the plane a once over, and after reversing each channel (except the throttle ... I got that one right), we decided it was time to fly this bird. I have to say the maiden flight went really really well. Two clicks of left trim and two up and she was pretty steady. I really enjoy the smoothness of this airframe. It turns so well, and the rudder has great authority.

After the uneventful maiden, and a piece of Jims birthday cake, it was time to fly again. Unfortunately, while securing the hatch with my high tech hat pin, I managed to puncture my lipo pack.

After the smoke break, Jim suggested I try and fly it. After a good laugh, I figured out he was serious ... so I started assessing the damage. Fortunately all that basswood I used to reinforce the airframe, also kept the electronics from cooking up. All in All it required some glue for the broken hinges and some tape to hold the canopy on as I was now lacking some surface area on it. To my suprise, it flew well and I managed to take her home in one piece.

Thanks to Jim and Todd for all the encouragement, and help!
Posted by gp125racer | Aug 05, 2007 @ 06:23 PM | 5,985 Views
Last weekend, I finally found a local retailer with the GWS formosa in stock. I had been looking for the formosa II but I ended up with the original F3A formosa I.

Id originally planned on installing retracts on this bird, but after some research and conversations it seemed as if the retracts just were not in the plan for the formosa. Most (if not all) F3A planes Ive seen dont have them anyway .... yeah thats it, its just not scale

First thing I did during the build was cut out foam and rebuild the innards with basswood. Then modified the wing as to allow for a dual aileron servo setup. Applied carbon tape too inside and outside of fuse, ailerons, wing, rudder and elevator. While gluing together, I only had to apply very slight pressure to counter act the dreaded 'formosa twist'.

The ESC should be on the porch when I get home from work tomorrow so from there Ill finalize the controls (pushrods, trims etc) and hopefully maiden her during the week.

Next time Ill take pics while building.