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Posted by gp125racer | Oct 28, 2008 @ 12:35 AM | 7,426 Views
Latest project, built over the course of last weekend. Ready to maiden for next weekend I hope.
Posted by gp125racer | Oct 19, 2008 @ 08:31 PM | 7,211 Views
My first electric conversion is completed. I successfully maidened it on Thursday 16 October, 2008. I chose this kit after seeing photos of it here on rcgroups.

The first thing I noticed about the kit was the quality of the fiberglass work for the $120 I paid for it from akmodels. Alex provided great customer support, and answered all the pre-sale questions I had in a timely fashion. This being my first kit of this size, Ill say the included hardware kits are of decent quality. I ended up using most of them, with the exception of a few screws nd fasteners.

The plane is powered by a turnigy 50-55B motor, spinning a Master Airscrew (MAS) 11x7 prop. 80A Turingy Plush ESC, 6s 4400mah packs (4x 3s 2200) positioned 2 in cowl area, 2 behind firewall. Fixed gear, as I hate fiddling with mechanical retracts (all retracts for that matter).

Maiden flight was a success, with the exception of the landing whcih resulted in bent gear. Result of pilot error (way too much speed on approach).
Posted by gp125racer | Oct 19, 2008 @ 08:21 PM | 6,634 Views
I finally decided I'd build a plane AND cover it. After doing some research, and weighing the balance between construction technique, cost, and size, I decided on the manzano laser ( Avro Arrow.

Construction for the most part was pretty straight forward. All the parts came laser cut, in a priority mail package. I spent about 5-7 nights after work for the construction phase, and another 2-3 for the covering. I just finished up installing the ESC, rx, and servos. All that is left is to decide on a motor, balance it and go fly. Ill report on the flight characteristics once the maiden is over.

As for the finish, I have enough time invested in it as is. I want to fly it before I spend any more on decals etc, but I do have plans for some canadian markings if all goes well.