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Posted by gp125racer | Jun 09, 2008 @ 02:42 AM | 6,503 Views
Factory w/ Factory supplied decals!

3s 1350mah 10 - 15C

Reference Threads:

Build Log:
Build took 3 evenings, about 4 or 5 hours for me w/ decal application. Nothing too crazy, just read the instructions over a few times for each step before you take any action. Motor/Prop combo is pulling 83W after 20second run @ 7.2A. Burst on fresh pack was at 89W @ 8.1A
Day 1:
* Glue the motor mount insert into place
* Install motor mount after epoxy dried
* Adjust shaft length as needed per prop spacing from cowl .... a little too much but its the best I can do w/ this setup. I suspect the mpjet motor is a tad smaller
* Using small amount of glue, attach ESC to rear side of motor mount and glue wires to mount
* Attach prop and test rotation direction
* Install cowl and reinstall prop
Day 2:
* Paint prop (chalkboard spray paint w/ testors yellow)
* Install Elevator servo
* Install aileron servo
* Glue down elevator pushrod tubing
* Mount rx
* Verify throws, and travel direction
* Program tx
Day 3:
* Install battery tray
* Glue canopy into position
* Start application of decals
Flight #1 (maiden) Report:
Temp: 75F
Winds: Steady at 10 - 12kts
Decided to have Paul toss her for me, @ about 1/2 throttle. Flew right out of his hands .... wonderful flyer. I did notice I needed a bit more throw on the elevator as I was having to use lots of up. Unfortunately I was involved in a midair collision which resulted in the total of my wildcat, and significant damage to an Eindecker. Sad Day, but all the other planes flew great .... it happens

Posted by gp125racer | Jun 01, 2008 @ 11:42 PM | 5,949 Views
Tamiya TS series fire red and gloss white

3s 1600mah Loong Max 15C

Reference Threads:

With the 8x6 prop Im showing 194w and 21.xxA after a 15 second burst. Initial readings were 212w @ 23.xxA on the freshly charged 1600mah pack. My Cg with the pack all the way forward is about 3mm off of the recommended 6 forward of the spar in the wing. Im just barely forward of the spar.

Flight #1 (maiden) Report:
Wind: < 5kts
Weather: Clear skies, 80F
Battery: 1600mah 3s 15C Loong Max
Flight Time: 3:30
After adding some more details last night I balanced her and no matter what I did with the battery I couldnt get it too balance, too tail heavy. So, I had to add the dreaded weight to the nose, ended up adding a total of 1.5oz.

After arriving at the field this morning, and flying the f-16, I figured we might as well maiden this thing. I had Mike give her a toss for me at about 1/2 throttle, and away she went. No trim really needed (a little left aileron ... 2 or 3 clicks). I climbed her up to check stall char., and noted how briskly I was moving @ 1/2 throttle. As I chopped the throttle, I expected the nose to drop with all the weight Id added, but to my suprise she stayed pretty level and glides well. Next up...Continue Reading