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Posted by gp125racer | Mar 15, 2008 @ 03:47 AM | 9,567 Views
I got this kit here on rcgroups along with an a7 corsair. I really want to build the corsair more, but these kits are kinda hard to get and the corsair is more complicated of a build, so I figured this was a great starting point.

The kit itself is very very fragile. The overall looks of this plane suffered a bit as I taped basicly every inch of the inside and bottom of the airframe. I reinforced the wings with a round carbon rod running the length of the trailing edge. Also the leading edge of the horizontal stab has a carbon rod running the length of it as well. This helped tremendously, but I cant imagine it would be half as strong with out the reinforced packing tape all over.

The only part that really gave me grief was the tail feathers. They are designed to droop downwards (anheidral??) but they do not specify a specific angle so I just tlar that step.

All that remains is to cut out the exhaust outlet and glue into place, and mount up the fan. Im waiting on an adapter for the littlescreamer motor as the 2mm one provided wont easily fit onto the 3mm motor shaft I have.

* 25A Cheap UH ESC
* LittleScreamer JetScreamer motor
* 2 hs-55 servos (elevators)
* 9g UH cheapy servos (ailerons)
* wemotec microfan (youll need an adapter for this setup, PM termite or
wilson co)
* 3s 1350mah 15-20c packs (waiting on them in the mail)

Ill take a few pics outside if the sun comes out tomorrow.
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Posted by gp125racer | Mar 09, 2008 @ 12:08 AM | 6,221 Views
I figured Id go ahead and compile some pics Ive got (thanks Jon!) of the GWS a4 I put together recently. She flies well really nice and stable.