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Posted by gp125racer | Feb 22, 2008 @ 05:00 AM | 7,441 Views
To me, very few planes visually represent the 21st century as well as the F-22. Its great payload capability combined with blazing speed, fuel economy, and the agility of a fighter makes for an unbeatable combination. And it looks good too!

Ever since I first saw a vectored thrust jet fly, Ive tried to envision what a dogfight between two skilled pilots in a jet equipped with it would look like. Then one sunday morning out at the field, I got to see my dogfight. A couple of fellas picked up a f-117 and f-22 kits from Dave at rcsuperpowers. Man did they look cool. Ill admit, Ive never been a big fan of pusher-prop jets. I mean its a jet it shouldnt have a prop! These things really changed my mind. The sound and the performance were just really cool. I knew at that point I had to have one.

Dave @ rcsuperpowers ( recommends/requires the following goodies:
  • 3+ channel radio w/ receiver
  • 4 servos (hs-56)
  • Park 400 size outruner
  • 6x4 prop (anything from 4-7 can be used)
  • 3s 1000-1800mah battery
  • 1 "Y" cable for elevator servos
  • 3 servo extension cables
* Wing Span: 22in
* Wing Area: 245.995 SQIN / 1.7083 SQFT
* Length: 30in
* Weight (foam only): 3.4oz

Ill try and take as many pics as I can. Please see the pics below. #1 pic is top left. #2 pic is middle top row, #3 pic is top right row etc.
  • Kit contents as arrived (pic 1)
  • Kit contents unpackaged (pic 2)
  • Scrap Foam.
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Posted by gp125racer | Feb 17, 2008 @ 05:37 AM | 7,296 Views
I just had to build this thing after Id seen Errol fly it out at the field on a few occasions. I also picked up the vector thrust f-22

Dave is an awesome fella, and I cant say enough for how cool of a build this was. Im normally frustrated on at least a few occasions on a build, and on this one I wasnt at all. As a matter of fact, I kept telling my self, wow I wish they were all this easy.

I need to put in order in for another motor etc, then Ill build the f-22.

Kit: Rcsuperpowers f-117 (
Motor: Towerpro 2409-12
ESC: Towerpro 25A
Prop: APC 6x4
Batt: 3s 1600 15C

Build time was approx. 6hrs with soldering, cleanup, etc. (this was also my first build of this nature).

Ill maiden her tomorrow......
Posted by gp125racer | Feb 06, 2008 @ 05:07 PM | 4,874 Views
So I learned a valuable lesson today (AGAIN!).

After yet another great flight with the corsair, I noted the wind was picking up. I thought to myself, I should ust pack it up and head home I have work to-do anyways. So what did I do........

I launched it into the headwind, which promptly gusted up and pushed the nose of the plane down towards terrafirma. I paniced and while trying to get my fingers back onto the sticks, I bumped down elevator

The prop struck and shattered right as I managed to pull back stick, which inturn caused a dizzying spin back towards the deck. I winced as I saw foam pieces fly in all directions, and I knew this would be the end of my lucky gallon. Upon arrival of the crash scene I noted the wing was now a 3 piece setup, the motor had departed the fuse and the cowling had exploded.

After collecting the pieces, while heading home I had a thought. See if you can repair it just to prove to yourself the foamies can be brought back from the dead. So it was a challenge to myself, how quickly could I repair the beast.

It took all of 1hr 15mins. I love foamies. They fit my needs so well
Posted by gp125racer | Feb 04, 2008 @ 04:05 AM | 5,174 Views
I picked up an adrenalin-II from a member of the boards here butch777.

When I picked up the bird, I was fortunate enough to get to see his teriffik, which this is identical too. It gave me lots of pointers as well as this thread where shhhhh! gives a wonderful pictoral (great thread) .

The build looks pretty straight forward but it was really challenging for me. The hardest part was the unusual (to me) tail linkage, and the hardware for the aileron linkage.

Everything is done with the exception of motor (on its way from UH), and final mounting of the receiver. Then Ill balance it and hopefully not lawn dart it into the ground like the last one