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Posted by gp125racer | Jan 24, 2008 @ 01:23 PM | 5,539 Views
After doing some research and building my Adrealine Rush, I decided I wanted to scratch build a simple400 or a slipso. As the plans are free and readily available on the pldaniels website (as well as build tips), I opted to build the slipso400 first.

Ive yet to decide on a power system, but it will be brushless for certain.

The first step was printing out the plans and assembling them. It took about 30 minutes of trimming and alignment. Pic #1 is the printed plans.

From there I needed to decide how to cut out the parts. Some suggested ironing the plans onto the balsa, but I dont feel like I could pull that off with out warpage. So I decided making templates from wax paper tracings were the best approach. I spent about 45mins tracing and cutting with my exacto knife to get the wing, formers, and stabs cutout. Pic #2 shows my templates.

I built the tail out of 2 pieces of 1/16" balsa instead of the single 2.4mm called for.

Heres where Im at right now (Pic #3). Im hoping to work on cutting the wing and start shaping it tonight.
Posted by gp125racer | Jan 21, 2008 @ 05:04 AM | 5,251 Views
I got my adrealine rush in the mail the other day. I purchased some goodies for it online. I recently discovered aeromicro in Santa Clara. Perry is an awesome guy, and his shop kicks butt!

Heres the setup Im going to run on the rush:

* 2s Thunder Power 800mah
* Medua 5300kv motor
* ar6100 receiver
* phoenix 10A ESC

Ill post some pics of it when I get her done. Im hoping to finish her up tomorrow.

EDIT: Just finalized my radio install, and the AUW is 4.875oz

Posted by gp125racer | Jan 18, 2008 @ 01:34 PM | 4,837 Views
Ive been playing around with paint lately, and heres my first attempt with my heli.

Next time, I will trim the canopy first, and let it dry longer between sandings.

Posted by gp125racer | Jan 17, 2008 @ 04:23 AM | 4,578 Views
OK, so I guess Ill follow suit and post up pics of my fleet of planes as well.

As you can see, Ive mainly focused on GWS style foam kits as they are affordable, fly great, and easy to build. Heres a list of the planes/heli in the order I built / acquired them.

* GWS Islander (BN-2 - Yellow Plane):
Once I decided to get back into planes, I decided I had to have a plane that suited my favorite type of flight, small commercial aircraft. Its currently running on a stock brushed setup on nicad batteries. She has seen her fair share of emergency landings.

* GWS Formosa (frankenmosa - white white checkboarding):
After I crashed the islander a few times, and realized a twin wasnt the best training aircraft, I decided on the formosa with the help of a friend Id met out at lagoon valley. Powered by 3s lipos, 25A ESC, and a 2409-12 budget outrunner make this plane a blast to fly. Flies smooth fast or slow.

* Great Planes Lancair (white/purple plane):
On a whim my wife purchased this plane for me. Ive still got the GWS 3900kv inrunner sitting around waiting to be used in it. This plane is still awaiting its maiden. Its just too pretty to fly for me yet

* Align T-rex 450se v1 (blue canopy heli):
I was bit by the helicopter bug, and I just cant believe how much fun there things are! I owe much of my heli skills to my flying buddies, as they help my build/tweak the heli. I recently started some basic 3d tricks, and am very excited. Powered by 3s, on an aon motor,...Continue Reading
Posted by gp125racer | Jan 13, 2008 @ 05:02 AM | 6,810 Views
After I saw my buddy jamesdr fly his gws corsair, Ive always wanted one. The plane just flies so smoothly and it looks so good in flight.

I picked up a GWS f4u corsair kit (NPS, white) a while back in the for sale section here on the boards. Based on my previous experience with the formosa, and seeing the plane fly out at the field, I knew the UnitedHobbies 2409-12 was the right motor for the job.

After reading about the "lucky gallon", I knew I had to have a paint scheme like that, but I cant paint to say the least (if youve seen my planes you know this to be true . I poked around on the forums a bit, and read up on airbrushing. Ive already got a compressor w/ regulator so I just picked up a cheapy badger airbrush starter kit ($35 or so at michaels), and some apple barrell acrylic paint. I didnt get pictures along the way but Ill detail what I did and post photos of the end result.

Day 1:
I verified the contents of the kit, and noted everything was present. I love gws kits . I then sanded every piece with 340 grit sandpaper (smooth). Once that was done, I hit every piece with 400 and it really ended up nice. If you held up a piece that hadnt been touched with sandpaper and one that had, there was a night and day differnece.

Day 2:
Took advantage of working with computers and worked from home, but strangely I ended up at michaels and wal-mart looking for supplies. I picked up a can of minwax spray polycrylic. That hurt at $12.99, but its ok ot...Continue Reading