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Posted by theBOZman | Aug 06, 2007 @ 05:41 PM | 5,156 Views
"Target's " detailed directions to Pt Fermin via PCH. You tha man!

1S, 10E, 405S, 110S, to Gaffey Street exit at the end of the freeway. The 110 merges into the Vincent Thomas Bridge, and that will take you to Long Beach, that's the WRONG WAY!!! Stay on the 110 to the end!

At the light at 110 and Gaffey St., turn left onto Gaffey. You will soon see numbered cross streets starting with 1st Street, getting to the bigger numbers as you go.
At 25th street, there's a chance to go straight, which is kind of a left bend, or curve to the right, up a STEEP hill. You want to go STRAIGHT on Gaffey St, NOT to the right on 25th St...

Keep going on Gaffey St. There will be a couple of STOP SIGNS, keep going straight. After I think two or maybe three stop signs, you'll get to Sheppard St/Paseo Del Mar. Turn right onto Paseo Del Mar. There will be a paved parking lot at the corner with a chain linked fence there. That lot is adjacent to the landing area.
You can park in the lot if the gate is open, or proceed on Paseo, and find a place to turn around and park next to the grass staging area, like the locals do. Also, if at the stop sign, you go STRAIGHT ACROSS Sheppard/Paseo Del Mar, there is addition parking at Point Fermin Park itself. I sometimes park here.


PCH South, all the way into Torrance, then Lomita, Harbor City. After Hawthorne, you'll come to Crenshaw, then eventually, WESTERN AVENUE.


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Posted by theBOZman | Mar 24, 2006 @ 01:56 AM | 7,204 Views
1) Sand off the plane (after shaping) with 220 grit wet or dry sandpaper.

2) Mix up a mixture of Minwax waterbased Polycrylic (clear semi-gloss) and talcum powder until it is like a runny pudding.

3) Paint the whole plane with that mixture, let it dry for two hours, sand it off. Vacuum and wipe with a tack cloth. Repeat if you need to fill more to make it smooth.

4) Spray a light coat of 3M77, let it dry an hour. Apply the reinforcing tape, if you are going for perfection iron it smooth.

5) Sand off the "shiny" portion of the tape, wipe clean with acetone (avoid the foam) Repeat the Minwax / Talc process again until completely smooth and no tape joints visble.

6) Spray another very light coat of 3M77, let dry an hour.

7) Read the Ultracoat or Solartex instructions and pay special attention to the iron temperatures. Get a thermometer and make sure it is correct. If you are using color tape for covering it can be ironed at a low temperature.

8) Cut the covering, peel off the backing, and give it a light dusting of 3M77 on the back.

9) Apply the covering as per the directions, and seal every edge with thin CA. Use a fingertip inside a small sandwich bag to protect your finger.

10) After covering, get a spray can of the Polycrylic or use a spray gun if you have one. Give the wingtips and nose a couple of coats.
Posted by theBOZman | Mar 09, 2006 @ 02:38 PM | 6,801 Views
This is not to be coppied by other wing mfgs or pro builders as grumman would say I have a copyrite,LOL
Here is the lowdown bro.
Two materials the henries and the random spun poly weave.Notice the huge roll in the background.

The trick is to apply the either material with 90 ,but alittle liter than the standard build.
Let dry for a day ,then mix the two part fixo tropic bar top coating 50,50.

Then apply with a throwaway brush alittle thick,then blott of excess if you want w a towel.Then a micro layer will remain that is tougher ,and slightly more flexible,so it gives better durability than pu that is a little brittle.

You can leave it thicker for you heavies if you want.

Once dry you repeat on the next side.
After both sides are done give a good sanding with 180 grit.

Then coat it w a heavy coat of 90 with the nozzle sraying wide and even,let dry for 5 hrs or more, then mono it.
The mono wont stick w out the 90.

You can stick your fiber down with the coating instead of the 90 but it takes 4 to 6 hrs to tack up ,so i use the 90 to get the fabrics down prior.
Ps dont tell anyone killer,LOL
try it you will love it bro.
my buddy justin had tried the poly materail a few years ago as did i w no luck.Justin had some of the bar top coating ,and said here take it so i did,a few with it and after getn the hang of it ,i use it all the time even if it is only on the bottom and leading edges ,it makes it bullet proof.


Posted by theBOZman | Mar 09, 2006 @ 01:52 PM | 6,612 Views